BMGT495 UMUC NeoPhotonics Corporation External Environmental Analysis

BMGT495 UMUC NeoPhotonics Corporation External Environmental Analysis by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized DescriptionNeoPhotonics Corporation (NSM:NPTN)Business SummaryNeoPhotonics develops, manufactures and sells optoelectronic products that transmits, receive and switch digital optical signals for communications networks. Co.’s products are categorized into two groups: High Speed Products, a transmitter and receiver products as well as switching and other component products designed for 100G and beyond data rates, such as at 200G, 400G, for telecom and data center or content provider networks; and Network Products and Solutions, for speeds less than 100G including 40G, 10G and lower data rates, and other passive telecom and instrumentation products. Instructions:Incompleting the report, you will use the chapters in the eBook and othercourse material, and perform research on the company and industry inwhich the company operates and answer the required elements below innarrative form following the steps provided.Step 1: Specific Company for All Four ProjectsIn this project, you will complete a Company Overview, an Evaluation of the General Environment and a conclusion.Youwill be assigned by your instructor one focal company to complete theanalysis. The assigned company must be used for all four projects inthis course. You are not allowed to write the report on any othercompany different from the company specifically assigned by yourinstructor. If a company other than that assigned to you is used, azero will be assigned.The companies that your instructor has assigned to each of you is listed in List of Companies.Studentsmust complete the project using the assigned company. Deviating fromthe assigned company will result in a zero for the project. You willlook for the company assigned to you in the Announcement area of theclassroom.Step 2: Course Material and ResearchAlthoughyou are required to research information about the focal company andthe internal environment for this project, you are accountable for usingthe course material to support the ideas, reasoning and conclusionsmade. Course material use goes beyond defining terms but is used toexplain the ‘why and how’ of a situation. Using one or two in-textcitations from the course material and then relying on Internet sourcematerial will not earn many points on an assignment. A variety ofsource material is expected and what is presented must be relevant andapplicable to the topic being discussed. Avoid merely makingstatements but close the loop of the discussion by explaining how something happens or why something happens,which focuses on importance and impact. In closing the loop, you willdemonstrate the ability to think clearly and rationally showing anunderstanding of the logical connections between the ideas presentedfrom the research, the course material and the question(s) being asked.Note: Yourreport is based on the results of the research performed and not on anyprepared documentation. What this means is that you will research anddraw your own conclusions that are supported by the research and thecourse material rather than the use any source material that putstogether any of the tools or techniques whether from the Internet,for-pay websites or any pre-prepared document, video or sourcematerial. A zero will be earned for not doing your own analysis.Success: Theanalysis is based on research and not opinion. You are not makingrecommendations and you will not attempt to position the focal companyin a better or worse light than other companies within the industrymerely because you are completing an analysis on this particularcompany. The analysis must be based on factual information. Anyconclusions drawn have to be based on factual information rather thanleaps of faith.Toensure success, as stated above student are expected to use the coursematerial and research on the focal company’s global industry and thefocal company. Opinion does not earn credit nor does using externalsources when course material can be used. It is necessary to provideexplanations (the why and how) rather than making statements. Avoidstringing one citation after another as doing so does not show detailedexplanations.Library ResourcesOnthe main navigation bar in the classroom select, Resources and thenselect Library. Select Databases by Title (A – Z). Select M from thealphabet list, and then select Mergent Online. You may also use MarketLine and should be looking at the focal company’s Annual Report or 10Kreport. You are not depending on any one resource to complete theanalysis. It is impossible to complete a Porter’s Five Forces,competitive analysis or OT by using only course material.You should not be using obscure articles, GlassDoor, or Chron or similar articles. Research for Financial Analysis: Financial ResearchResearch for Industry Analysis CSI MarketUMUC library is available for providing resources and services. Seek library support for excellence in your academic pursuit. Library SupportExtensive library resources and services are available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at to support you in your studies. The UMUC Library provides research assistance in creating search strategies,selecting relevant databases, and evaluating and citing resources in avariety of formats via its Ask a Librarian service at Research in OneSearch is allowed.Tosearch for only scholarly resources, you are expected to place a checkmark in the space for “Scholarly journals only” before clicking search. Step 3: How to Set Up the Report:Inthis first part of the External Environmental Analysis, you willdevelop part of a strategic plan: the Company Overview and an Evaluationof the General Environment. You are not lifting from other sourcesbut performing your own analysis. Use this template to complete the project: Project 1 Template. Thedocument has to be written in Word or rtf. No other format isacceptable. No pdf files will be graded. Use 12-point font for adouble-spaced report. The final product cannot be longer than 8 pagesin length, which includes all tables and matrices but excludes the titlepage and reference page. Do no use an Appendix.Create a title page with title, your name, the course number, the instructor’s nameStep 4: Company OverviewProvidea company overview, which is an essential component to the strategicmanagement process. A company overview describes the purpose(s) for thefounding of the company, i.e, what problems was it formed to solveand/or opportunities it was formed to exploit, who are the founders,home country or state, current management, employee headcount, lastyear’s revenue, etc.)Step 5: Evaluate the General EnvironmentIdentify the global industry in which the company operates.Discussthe company’s general environment by developing a PESTEL analysis. Usethe course material to identify the elements of the PESTEL and whatcomponents make up each element. Be sure to thoroughly present andsupport the reasoning for what is presented. You may not use a PESTELanalysis that is already completed and available on the Internet. Azero will result if used as the analysis has to be the result of yourresearch and your own development. NOTE: A PESTEL analysis is not a table and it is not a bulleted assessment.Identify and discuss one key trend for each letter of the PESTEL for the industry.Selectone of the six trends identified in the previous requirement anddiscuss how the focal company could be affected by the selected trends.Discusskey areas of uncertainty related to the identified trend for the focalcompany that could potentially impact the company’s strategy.Perform a strategic analysis of the company’s mission, vision and objectives.Step 6: ConclusionCreatea concluding paragraph. The Conclusion is intended to emphasize thepurpose/significance of the analysis, emphasize thesignificance/consequence of findings, and indicate the widerapplications that are derived from the main points of the project’srequirements. You will draw conclusions about the findings of theexternal environment analysis.Step 7: Submit the Report in the Assignment FolderSubmittingthe project to the Assignment Folder is considered the student’s finalproduct and therefore ready for grading by the instructor. It isincumbent upon the student to verify the Project is the correctsubmission. No exceptions will be considered by the instructor. Report Requirements to Follow:In writing the report,Usethe grading rubric while completing the project to ensure allrequirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade. Thirdperson writing is required. Third person means that there are no wordssuch as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first person writing), nor is there useof “you or your” (second person writing). Contractions are not used in business writing, so do not use them. Nodirect quotes except for mission statement and vision statement. Forall other source material used in the analysis, you will not use directquotation marks but will instead paraphrase. What this means is thatyou will put the ideas of an author or article into your own wordsrather than lifting directly from a source document. You may not usemore than four consecutive words from a source document, as doing sowould require direct quotation marks. Changing words from a passagedoes not exclude the passage from having quotation marks. If more thanfour consecutive words are used from source documents, this materialwill not be included in the grade and could lead to allegations ofacademic dishonesty. Use in-text citations and provide a reference list that contains the reference associated with each in-text citation.You may not use books in completing this project.Provide the page or paragraph number in every in-text citation presented. 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