BUS 211 FITM Apple History Performance & Corporate Governance Analysis Report

BUS 211 FITM Apple History Performance & Corporate Governance Analysis Report. Can you help me understand this Business question? PROJECT INFORMATION:Each team will review and analyze the most recent annual filing (10K) [the 10Q is the quarterly filing] for a publicly traded corporation using the SEC.gov website. DO NOT PRINT ENTIRE REPORT. The list of companies to select from will be provided to you. You will also be using an Excel spreadsheet to perform a few analytical calculations showing the formulas in Excel, with analysis describing what the ratio measures and how it is trending. This includes two or more periods. You will need to explain the results of the ratios and incorporate some of the results into your paper. Your project and findings will be presented to the class for all to understand additional companies and ratio analysis. This assignment has 3-Parts.Conventions. below. PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Based on your readings, use of technology, literature, and other sources, you will incorporate the following into your reports (do not simply list the question and provide an answer; incorporate the information into a well written report or presentation). The three parts are as follows: Submit up to 3-page report and describe background information on the corporation – when the corporation began in business, how it came to be, where the corporate headquarters are, where it does business, what its product/service line is, who it offers its product / service to, etc. Company background. Does the company appear to be able to pay its current obligations? How can you tell? How is the Company currently financed? This may be with common stock, preferred stock, bonds, leases, debt or any combination of them. Comment on this publicly traded company’s Code of Ethics. Perform the calculations using formulas within Excel that are listed on the Excel spreadsheet with explanations of ratios and trends. Feedback will be used to improve attachment submitted with Part 3. Present your findings in an 5-7 minute group presentation. Put together and deliver a presentation that is interesting for the audience.  * we need an explanation to help me presenting the project.* The Company Is Apple for our project.BUS 211 FITM Apple History Performance & Corporate Governance Analysis Report