Caring for Today’s Veterans

Question DescriptionHi Tutors!I need help with nursing class assignments. Can you help me to write about veterab support center in New York city???Assignment InstructionsVisit a veteran support service center in your city or area. It can be any kind of center that supports veterans such as the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and American Veterans (AMVETS). There are others including those that are unique to your community. Google “Veteran Service Centers” for your area to find some. Use your city in the search. You may need to word it differently such as “Veteran and Military Support Centers.” Let me know if you need assistance. Here is a useful website to search for state and local resources. you visit the center, inquire about their services, their mission/goals, how many veterans they serve, the age of the veteran population and any information that will help you to better understand the services that are available to veterans in your community.Write a 2-3 page report, not counting the title page and reference sheet. In your report, be sure to include the following:What kind of center was it? To whom did you speak? What did you learn about the services that are provided to veterans? Provide a one paragraph substantive reflection of your experience at the end.APA format requiredAt least one referenceUse headings in your report per APA style.Turnitin score must be 24% or less.

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