Case Study: Australia’s National Oral Health plan

Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives- Australia’s National Oral Health Plan- Case Study Assignment HelpTask:Instructions: You are required to submit two (2) discussions relating to the two (2) case studies below.For each discussion, you are required to write 500 words to discuss about good oral hygiene with attention to the following points: 1.Products / techniques used to promote oral hygiene practices 2. Modified tools and aids 3. Your client/patient ‘s partnering with the consumer to promote self-efficacy 4. Your client/ patient’s level of understanding and participation 5. WHS considerations 6. Any policy, guidelines and reports relevant to your caseCase Study 2 Harry is a 19-year-old man who has been admitted to your ward after breaking both wrists at the local skate park. Harry was independent with his activities of daily living until his injury. He has bilateral plaster casts on both wrists. Harry has braces.Case study 3 Joyce is an 83 year old woman who has been on your ward for several weeks awaiting nursing home placement. She has dementia and becomes combative when approached by people she doesn’t know. She requires some assistance with her activities of daily living. She wears dentures, but they are loose fitting and she often takes them out and hides them around the ward. Joyce’s daughter’s is the primary carer who is present on the ward

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