Case study: The Baccalaureate – educated nurse

Question DescriptionPlease respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:Research supports that the Baccalaureate – educated nurse brings a more comprehensive and in-depth education to the healthcare arena that the Associate – degree or diploma nurse.Linda Aiken a renowned nurse researcher, co-authored a study that contributes to a growing body of evidence suggesting that a more educated nursing workforce translates into better patient outcomes.Aiken makes a conclusion that patients in the hospital, about 60% of their nurses are BSN nurses and cares for an average of six patients, their mortality rate is lowered by 30% than a nurse with a BSN taking care of an average of eight patients (American Sentinel University, 2014).There is more supportive research that was co-authored by Aiken, using a Pennsylvania nurse-survey and patient discharge data from 1999-2006.They found that a ten-point increase in the percentage of nurses holding a BSN in nursing within a hospital was associated with an average reduction in 2.12 deaths for every 1,000 patients (Kuteny-Lee, Sloanne & Aiken, 2013).While the research showing that hospitals with a more educated nursing workforce have lower mortality rates and better patient outcomes, I personally do not believe, or will I ever accuse ADN nurses of causing harm to patients.In fact, med errors, safety issues, healthcare associated infections and other issues that lead to poor patient outcomes are largely due to system and process problems.To correct this problem, we need more nurses that are prepared to implement solutions and the BSN curriculum emphasizes leadership and evidence-based practice in a way that the much shorter ADN program cannot (American Sentinel University, 2014).Currently, I have mixed feeling with the research.What I know is that in my practice, some of the most amazing nurses are ADN nurses.I see no difference in the knowledge share between a ADN and a BSN nurse.As an ADN working in a busy ICU, I feel that perusing my career as a BSN would help me better manage my patients, step into leadership roles and have the option to have a variety of job opportunities.Reference:American Sentinel University.(2014).How Does Your Nursing Degree Affect Patient Mortality Rates?Retrieved from http://www,, A., Sloane, D. M., & Aiken, L. H.(2013).An Increase In The Number Of Nurses With Baccalaureate Degrees Is Linked To Lower Rates Of Post surgery Mortality.Retrieved from….

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