Choose a political cartoon from any Canadian political cartoonist. 

Political Cartoon Assignment (Part 2)

Due by the start of seminar in Week 13 (15%)

You recently completed a cartoon analysis provided in seminar and received feedback. Building on this feedback, it is now your turn to illustrate to your instructors an in-depth knowledge of current events, your ability to choose and analyze political cartoons, and the skill to make detailed and valid course connections.

You are required to choose a political cartoon and complete the following assignment. It is due IN THE DROPBOX by the beginning of seminar class in Week 13

If the cartoon does not have three clear examples of the cartoonist’s intention (symbolism)…don’t use it! 

Assignment Requirements:

  • Choose a political cartoon from any Canadian political cartoonist. 
  • Your cartoon must be linked to a current (within the 6 months) news story of Canadian significance.
  • The assignment format will be: title page, cartoon, cartoon citation, analysis Part A and B,  and reference page.
  • Proper APA format, including integrated in-text citations and a separate reference page are required to complete this assignment. Assignments submitted without the proper APA formatting WILL NOT receive a grade, as this represents a plagiarized assignment.
  • Your political cartoon must be supported with THREE different news sources.
  • All in-text citations should be paraphrasedNo direct quotations are to be used
  • Your assignment must be doubled spaced in 12 point font using Times New Roman.
  • Provide clear evidence that a student of political science is completing this assignment (refer back to the in-class political cartoon feedback to see how well you are doing with this).

This is the main assignment for the course.  Leave enough time to edit, proofread and spell check your work.

Part A: Background of the Political Cartoon News Story (1 PAGE )

  • In this section you are required to complete a thorough background summary of the news stories that inspired the political cartoon. You are providing all the information that the reader needs to understand the meaning behind the cartoon. Integrate your sources. 
  • Include the main points, key players, and the issue that is being referred to in the cartoon you selected.
  • The background history requires a minimum of 3 sources to be cited and should

 be no less than 400 words (approximately 1 pages) in length to be properly completed. 

  • No direct quotations are to be used
  • Course applications should be apparent in this section.  Use the language of the course in the development of your details. 

Part B: Artistic Analysis of the Political Cartoonn (2 PAGES )

  • For this section of the assignment you will examine the political cartoon and identify 3 examples of symbolism the artist used to express his ideas. This is the main assignment for the course.   It should be detailed and well thought out.
  • Provide clear evidence that a student of Political Science is writing this paper.

*Anyone can discuss the cartoon, but can they make intelligent and insightful course connections?


*consider joining twitter ie. Theo Moudakis, Michael De Adder, Terry Mosher (Aislin), Bruce MacKinnon, EandPCartoons

Be aware that editorial cartoons are in high demand and many traditional sources have been locked down to generate revenue.  Plan ahead.  Many sites will only allow you to click three times.   


Graeme MacKay:

Patrick Corrigan

IPolitics (did you take out that subscription suggested in week 1?)

Remember every major paper has a cartoonist.  Visit the individual websites. 

*The more time you spend selecting a cartoon that you understand and like, the easier completing the assignment will be. 

Marking Schematic

Before submitting your work review each element of this schematic.  What grade would you give yourself?  Do you have more work to do before submitting the assignment?  There is no need to attach this schematic with your work as an

Historical Background:  using 3 sources and extensive in-text citations.  The sources should be well integrated, avoiding clumping information from the articles.  Note: a source cannot be listed on the reference page if it has not been used as an in-text citation.  There should be no direct quotations. (20 marks).


Cartoon Analysis:  3 well developed examples of symbolism the artist has used to express their ideas (20 marks).


Course Application:  clear evidence (ie., key terms) that a student of Political Science has completed this assignment (20 marks).


Proper Citations:  the correct number of sources (minimum of 3) with in-text citations and references completed using proper APA format (20 marks).  No paper will be graded without references and citations. 


Proofread (grammar and spelling): careful editing so the impact of arguments are clear (20 marks).