Complete a research appraisal about a women’s health topic in which you may be interested.

QUESTIONResearch PaperFor this week, you will be completing a research appraisal about a women’s health topic in which you may be interested. The purpose is to complete only a synthesis of the topic. To start, only look at studies that are specific to your women’s health topic. Your appraisal will assist in finding the most current evidence. Remember, this is only for the purpose of synthesis. Simplicity is key to a successful evaluation. Below is a way to assist you in compiling your significant articles. Your table should only contain 5 articles. Finalize your findings in 1–2 pages and submit with your evaluation table.In the headings for the columns, include the following:Citation: Author, year, titleConceptual Framework: Theoretical basis for studyDesign/Method: Indicate design and describe what was done in the studySample/setting: Number, characteristics, attrition rate, and whyMajor variables studied and their definitions: Independent/dependent variableMeasurement: What scales were used to measure the outcome variables (e.g., name of scale, author, reliability info)Data analysis: What stats were used to answer the clinical questionFindings: Statistical findings or qualitative findings (one for every statistical test mentioned in data anlysis)Appraisal/Worth to Practice: Strengths and limitations of the study, risk or harm if study intervention or findings implemented, and feasibilityAssignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsClearly discussed the women’s health issue.25Accurately summarized research in evaluation table.25Ensured that paper concisely describes findings.25Ensured that the paper is well organized and well written and demonstrates significant development in your ability to think and write from initial submission. Properly followed APA format.25Total:

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