Conflict is inevitable when people come together in a personal or work setting.  It is not a matter of if the conflict will arise, but rather when it will occur. 

Conflict is inevitable when people come together in a personal or work setting.  It is not a matter of if the conflict will arise, but rather when it will occur.  Throughout this course, you have learned about various theories, current research and organizational practices.  One of the core learning outcomes of this course is the demonstration of the integration of theory, research, and practice related to organizational behaviour.  This assignment is designed in order for you to demonstrate the integration of your learnings!

We know that leadership styles, personality types and organizational culture heavily impact how conflict occurs and how it is resolved – or not.  Based on the learnings in this course, especially the theory and research related to leadership, power, politics, conflict, conflict resolution, and organizational culture, respond to the following case study, provide an assessment and create a plan (based on evidence) to respond to the issues which you identify.

Review the case study and answer the question posed.

You are an organizational behaviour consultant, and you have been asked to consult on a matter in a medium-size organization of 100 people.  The company is a marketing firm that specializes in working with technology companies. You are reporting directly to the CEO.

The issue is the CEO identified that is that two of his vice presidents (Danielle and Jim), who have always worked well together in the past, have started competing against each other for a client. In doing so, each of their respective teams is no longer working well together.  The CEO has noted that although the client is a ‘big fish,’ both Jim and Danielle feel that they have exclusive ‘rights’ to win the client and take a large commission.

In a recent executive meeting, Jim and Danielle began yelling at each other and accusing one another of sabotaging the relationship with the prospective client.  Other staff members were in the room, and the CEO asked them to step outside.  The CEO has noticed productivity on both teams has decreased, and they are worried that other clients are beginning to suffer.  Some staff have come to the CEO privately to express concern about what is going on, and their work environment is becoming toxic.

              The CEO would like you to figure out what is going on and the best way to address the issues.

Your paper should be structured following APA guidelines and a total of 3-5 pages. Please follow the UCW paper template.  Please remember to reference your work and include a title page and reference page.

1.       Describe a conflict management approach that you have learned in this course. (approx. 2 paragraphs)

2.       Based on the case study, choose a conflict management approach that you feel would work best, based on a conflict theory you have learned, and apply it to the case study. (approx. 2 paragraphs)

3.       Diagnose the conflict in this situation and describe you would mediate the conflict you identified in the case study, including how you would stabilize the situation and follow up. (approx. 2-3 paragraphs)

4.       Be sure to discuss how workplace stress, health, wellness and safety is impacted during conflicts (1-2paragraphs)

5.       Provide a conclusion summarizing your work (approx. 1-2 paragraphs)