Create 8-12 slides of PowerPoint presentation with 5-10 minutes of recorded audio that will address conflict resolution with regards to a specific scenario that is depicted in the case study.

Question DescriptionCreate 8-12 slides of PowerPoint presentation with 5-10 minutes of recorded audio that will address conflict resolution with regards to a specific scenario that is depicted in the case study.GRADING RUBRIC MUST BE FOLLOWEDSPEAKER NOTES MUST GIVE AT LEAST 10 MINUTES OF SPEAKING CONTENTDO NOT RECORD/ ONLY CREATE POWER POINT AND SPEAKING NOTESPower Point Should follow:Cover slide: One slide that includes the name and number of the course, name of the project, submission date, name of the learner, and contact information.Introduction slide: One slide that provides a brief overview of conflict resolution and the case study. This is the elevator speech of the case study and captures an overview in a list format. Provide two short paragraphs in the speaking notes to support the points made in the list.Background slide: One slide that explains the background of the case study.Analysis of the situation: A section of two slides that explains how a lack of cultural competence can compound already stressful situations and impede collaboration.Communication slide 1: One slide that lists at least two communication strategies that leadership can use to help the organization resolve the conflict.Communication slide 2: One slide that explains the role of relationships in communication. You may wish to discuss the relationship between leaders and followers and also leaders overseeing teams.Communication slide 3: One slide that explains the role of communication in teamwork and collaboration.Application of literature to the case study: Recommend strategies that could be implemented to improve the relationship between nursing and housekeeping.Summary: One slide that sums up the case study.References: This section should list, in APA format, the scholarly references used to create the plan, especially with regard to the review of the literature.Resources: Conflict Resolution and TeamsPRINTCONFLICT RESOLUTION AND TEAMSDinkin, S. P. (2013). Transforming conflict to collaboration in healthcare [Video] | Transcript. Retrieved from This video gives an overview of a few strategies which can be used to overcome conflicts and encourage improved collaboration.Dodoiu, G. (2015). Intentions for cooperative conflict resolution in groups: An application of the theory of planned behavior. Team Performance Management, 21(5/6), 259–273.This study explores the effectiveness of cooperative conflict resolution on individuals and teams as a whole.Jit, R., Sharma, C. S., & Kawatra, M. (2016). Servant leadership and conflict resolution: A qualitative study. International Journal of Conflict Management, 27(4), 591–612.This study explores the most common conflict management strategies employed by servant leaders.McKibben, L. (2017). Conflict management: Importance and implications. British Journal of Nursing, 26(2), 100–103.The paper explores the importance of addressing the underlying causes of conflict in health care settings, as well as the implications of conflict on organizations, teams, and patients.Payton, J. (2014). Conflict in the dialysis clinic. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 41(4), 365–368.This article explores common causes and effects of conflict, as well as presents five basic conflict-handling styles.Rosenstein, A. H., Dinklin, S. P., & Munro, J. (2014). Conflict resolution: Unlocking the key to success.Nursing Management (Springhouse), 45(10), 34–39.This article explores strategies that health care professionals may use to resolve the conflicts that they experience throughout their practice.

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