Create a case study that demonstrates two benefits of peer work.

SSWK 1017 – Ethics, Professionalism, and Wellness
Test #1
Worth 20%
Due: October 22nd at 11:59 PM

  • Please make sure that the test questions are included in your submission. For
    example, use the test question as a header for your answer.
  • Please respond to each question in complete sentences.
  • Be sure that you draw directly from course content.
  • You can refer to course materials in order to complete the test.
  • Be sure that you make it clear that you have reviewed and understand the course content.
    For example, refer to readings, lectures, activities, etc. However, use direct quotes
  • Do not make any adjustments to your test in an effort to stop Turn It In from identifying
    the content. If this happens, it will delay my marking and therefore delay the entire class
    from receiving their test marks.
  • You should not directly quote the slides or the internet.
  • You must complete the test independently and the entire submission should be completed
    by you.
  • You cannot use content that another student has submitted or plans to submit.
  • Switching a few words around in a sentence that is from the internet or another classmate
    is plagiarism.
  • Using any sort of artificial intelligence program to answer the questions is plagiarism.
  • Do not repeat the same information in both answers.
    Test Questions
  1. Create a case study that demonstrates two benefits of peer work. (3 marks)
  2. In class, we discussed how social service worker ethics are a set of principles that
    determine what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Based on course content, state
    why it is important to think critically about who has the power to decide what is
    appropriate and acceptable behavior/conduct? Hint: we discussed this during the week on
    ethics, values, and anti-oppressive social service work. (3 marks)
  3. A. Create an example/short case study of a dual relationship between a client and social
    service worker (50-75 words). Do not use an example from course content (ie.
    Readings, lecture, etc.) (1 mark)
    State whether or not the relationship is sequential or concurrent and explain why.
    (1 mark)
    State two risks that the relationship poses. (2 marks)
    State two questions that you would consider, and based on those questions, state how you
    would approach the situation if you were the social service worker. (2 marks)
    Be sure to be specific in your response. Answer B, C, D within the context of the example/short case study that you have created.
  4. Create a case study that demonstrates two risks of self-disclosure. Bold or underline the
    risks. Provide a brief explanation that explains the risk/impact of the risk.
    (3 marks)
  5. Create a case study that demonstrates two benefits of self-disclosure. Bold or underline
    the benefits. Provide a brief explanation that explains the benefit/impact of the benefit.
    (3 marks)
  6. State a personal boundary and explain how it can be helpful or unhelpful. Explain how
    that same boundary can influence your work in the field. The example can be from your
    own life or you can make one up. (2 marks)