Create a plan of care for your chronic illness group.

nursingCreating a Plan of CareUtilizing the information you have gathered over the weeks regarding the specific illness group you identified, this week, you will create a plan of care for your chronic illness group.Create the plan in a 4- to 6-page Microsoft Word document (the 4–6 pages include the holistic care plan). Include the following in your plan:Start the paper with a brief introduction describing the chronically ill group you selected and provide rationale for selecting this illness and the participants. Clearly identify the Healthy People 2020 topic chosen and why this topic was chosen.You will want to compile the information gathered from Weeks 1–4 over 2 to 3 pages. This should be in APA format and paragraph form. This is not to be copied and pasted from previous assignments. It is to be a summary of each week.The paper should include the care plan for your chronic illness group organized under the following headings:Nursing DiagnosesAssessment Data (objective and subjective)Interview ResultsDesired OutcomesEvaluation CriteriaActions and InterventionsEvaluation of Patient OutcomesYou will need to ensure that the care plan is holistic and includes at least 3 nursing diagnoses related to the topic and interview results from the previous weeks.Include strategies for the family or caregiver in the care plan and provide your rationale on how they will work.Include a reference page to provide reference for all citations for the paper as well as the care plan.

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