Creating a baby-friendly initiative

Question DescriptionDecide on a theoretical framework that will explain your topic of interest. Theory can be from nursing or related fields. Identify the variables in your study and define them conceptually and operationally.Topic: Creating a baby-friendly initiativeRationale:Mothers are used to seeing the babies being taken to the nursery after delivery for them to have a bit of rest. New mothers also assume that breastfeeding a baby is easy. They, therefore, should be educated on how to watch for feeding cues. Nurses, on the other hand, assume that the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative is an easy task for the nurses. This initiative faces another barrier in the implementation among healthcare workers. Many of the staff may lack adequate knowledge or may have become used to outdated breastfeeding practices.The Purpose of the Study.This problem statement for nursing practices is significant in that the new protocols to be implemented are met with a lot of resistance. Many of the seasoned nurses argue that the existing process has been working in a certain way and they see no need to change them (Walker, 2019). Newly graduated nurses are so eager to learn and therefore tend to be open to any new changes. The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative is a program that can face a lot of resistance because currently, nurses normally take infants to the nursery immediately after delivery and that is the process they are used to.Also Based on your chosen topic, problem statement, purpose of study, and literature review, compose one research question and one research/null hypothesis statement for your topic. Describe the subject being studied with inclusion and exclusion criteria Explain how the rights of the subjects will be protected(module 6)

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