Data bases in BSN program

Question DescriptionPlease respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:There are many data bases I have utilized throughout my BSN program that have been very helpful in finding information about research articles. The Grand Canyon Library features the CINAHL and Medline databases that have over 4,000 journal articles and information that covers a large variety of nursing topics. I have found that the GCU library has a plethora of information that is very up to date and useful. There are certain things you must remember when using the library databases. It’s important to type in keywords about the subject you are researching rather than a sentence like you would when using Google. The GCU library offer databases that have published evidence-based articles that are great resources for research projects and meet the curriculum standard by GCU (Grand Canyon University, 2019).The problem when using Google or internet sites are unreliable websites that may not meet the GCU requirement. Some of the research articles if you are not a member of the library, have to be purchased. Also, there are many blogs out there you can access for free, but it is hard to know who wrote the article and how legitimate is the published information. The advantage of Grand Canyon University Library resources is you can avoid these outside blogs and unreliable websites to help decrease the amount of time looking for articles.ReferencesGrand Canyon University, (2019). Nursing Resources. Retrieved May 6, 2019 from, 2019. Ebsco Nursing Resources. Ebsco Health. Retrieved May 6, 2019 from…

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