Decide if the situation presents potential elements of malpractice.

Question DescriptionRead this scenario. Decide if the situation presents potential elements of malpractice.(Documents attached for the assignmentNurse A was assigned to Mr. Jones, a post-surgical patient on the Medical-Surgical floor, who had been doing well on the day shift.Nurse A was working a 7:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. shift.(Dr. Grumpy, Mr. Jones’s treating physician, had screamed at Nurse A last month when Nurse A called him at 3:00 A.M. to report a change in status of another of Dr. Grumpy’s patients.) During this shift, Nurse A became uneasy about the status of Mr. Jones, which reflected a substantial change in blood pressure and pulse, but Nurse A did not call Dr. Grumpy, choosing instead to “watch” the situation.At approximately 5:00 A.M., Mr. Jones had to be rushed to emergency surgery with internal bleeding.Now, 1½ years later, Mr. Jones has not recovered from the second surgery.List the 4 elements of a malpractice claim and, for each of the 4 elements, state which, if any, of the facts in the scenario support that specific element.Correctly lists all four elements of a malpractice claim.(50 points)Clearly and correctly states pertinent facts for each element.(50 points)

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