Define, describe, and explain your thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm and their interrelationship to one another

Question DescriptionI am a ICU nurse who believes in holistic care, comfort, and compassion. I feel that a nurse needs to be an advocate for their patients whether it be doing everything to save their life on a ventilator and life saving medications or help them transition to end of life comfort care. I base my actions as a nurse on what the patient wants to improve their quality of life. Some of the theorists I like are Ruland and Moore (Peaceful end of life theory), Nightingale (physical environment, cleanliness, diet, light), Eriksson (caring consists of love and charity). This paper will focus on one theorist but you can pick one of the above to focus on. Please use on APA citation from book Nursing theorists written by Martha Alligood edition 9. I found a free copy online.See rubric below for paper requirements but min of two apa citations required and feel free to ask me any further questions on the paper context.Personal Philosophy Theory Paper Grading RubricObjective Needs Improvement Good Excellent ScoreIntroduction of Philosophy Statement Does not describe a nursing philosophy(10 pts.) Identifies a goal, objective or pledge rather than an actual nursing philosophy(20 pts.) Describes in detail student’s own personal beliefs about nursing(30 pts.) Define, describe and explain your personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the concepts of the nursing metaparadigm:a.) Personb.) Environmentc.) Healthd.) Nursinge.) Summarized interrelationship of theory to personal work environment Ideas and thoughts are randomly written without a logical thought process evident(75 pts.) Good ideas presented, but not in a logical presentation.Does not flow smoothly. Unable to connect thoughts with work environment(85 pts.) Provides thorough, logical and clear discussion of the concepts and how they relate to their personal work environment(100 pts.) Identification and brief description of the nursing theory found to be the most compatible with the student’s personal nursing philosophy No theorist is cited.Philosophy is not theory based(65 pts.) Nursing theorist is cited in text, but no clear connection made between theorist and student’s personal nursing philosophy.(75 pts.) Connects personal philosophy to nursing theorist, with a clear explanation of how it influences personal nursing philosophy.(90 pts.) Language Mechanics (Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation) The paper contains either many errors or a few important errors that block the readers understanding and ability to see connections between thoughts.(20 pts.) The paper contains a few errors which may annoy or confuse the reader but does not impede understanding(25 pts.) The paper is almost entirely free of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.(30 pts.) APA Format APA is not used or more than 5 minor errors combined with more than 3 major formatting errors. Includes a minimum of (2) reference with no APA format errors. Includes less than (2) references with frequent APA format errors.(20 pts.) More than 5 minor formatting errors, or 1-2 major formatting errors (incorrect title page formatting, incorrect page numbering, incorrect formatting on reference page. Includes a minimum of (2) references with rare APA format errors.(25 pts.) Correct APA format is used with only 1-5 minor formatting errors. Includes a minimum of (2) references with no APA format errors.(30 pts.) Scoring Total Points____/280 pts

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