Determine the Purpose of or rationale for your scholarly project.

QUESTIONPlease review this paper and make sure there is no grammar error, please. Please return by tomorrow morning 9 AM. These were the instructions:For this assignment, submit your introduction.Important components to include in the assignment are:Purpose of or rationale for the scholarly project: Provide an evidence-based explanation of why it is necessary to complete your scholarly project and what benefit will be gained (health promotion, fiscal, and efficiency).Background on the problem or population of interest: Using primary sources, provide data on your topic. Providing the background will demonstrate the focused need for your project.Significance of the problem to nursing and healthcare: State how your problem or population of interest aligns with the larger interest of healthcare in the community. Create a context to why your topic is important.Benefit of the project to nursing practice: State what will be gained from your project. Describe the expected outcomes of your project to practice within your population and setting. Relate the outcomes to evidence-based guidelines and outcomes. Describe how your project may influence other populations or settings.·         PICOT question: State what specific issue or question your work will address. Very briefly (this is still the introduction), say how you will approach the work. What will others learn from your work?·         Scope of the project: State the scope of your project. What are the project’s objectives, goals, tasks, and resources necessary for your work? Note that much of your scope will be preliminary at this phase of your work.

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