Develop a business plan

Business Plan Assignment

Prepare a business plan

1) Summarize your research, analysis, implementation of your business in a written document

2) Clearly identify your business idea and the rationale behind it

1) Executive Summary

a. This section of your business plan will provide information about your company, the target

segment (market), competitive analysis, highlights about your product / services, the value

proposition, marketing and sales plan, management and organization, and financial summary.

2) Company Description

a. Name and Location

b. Forms of Business Ownership

c. Category/industry definition: In which industry does your company participate? What type of

business does it operate?

d. Company analysis

1. Objectives

2. Positioning

3. Vision & Mission

4. Key success factors: what makes this business idea successful? (e.g. Ability to

innovate? Ability to produce better quality? Lower costs? Ability to market?

Ability to raise capital? Management ability?)

3) Product / Services

a. Describe the features of your product or services (What functions does it have? What makes it

unique? High-end or low-end product?)

4) Marketing Plan

a. Customer analysis

1) Who are the target customers? Core customers? Future customers?

2) What is the estimated size of the company’s market (in revenue or volume)?

3) Customer behaviour:

1. Where do they buy? When and how often do they buy?

2. How do they use the product?

3. What factors do they consider in choosing between options? Why do

they prefer a particular product? Will they buy a product again?

b. Primary customer research

1) Briefly summarize your methodology and purpose of research

2) Summarize your findings

c. Segmentation:

1) Define/defend the segmentation variables for this market

2) Identify and describe key segments for this product

d. Advertising & Promotion

1) Advertising (ex. social media)

2) Personal selling

3) Sales promotion

4) Public relations

5) Direct marketing

5) Operational Plan

a. Production process

b. PERT & Gantt charts

6) Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

a. Describe how your business will be responsible to your stakeholders, including employees,

customers and the community.

7) Financial Plan

a. Start-up costs

b. Provide an Income Statement for your 5 years

c. Cost structure (fixed & viable costs, how you make profits)

8) Implementation Timeline

a. Describe how you will roll out the business and which phases will be involved.

9) Appendices

a. Your appendices should be labeled and accurately referenced in the body of your report, and

they should include such support materials as: copies of primary research instruments;

charts/graphs summarizing research findings; detailed SWOT table; competitive matrix;

timeline for implementation; and any other diagrams, images, or promotional mock–‐ups

you wish to create to support your business plan.