Developing leadership requires honest self-assessment to understandopportunities to enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness.

Developing leadership requires honest self-assessment to understand
opportunities to enhance your leadership skills and effectiveness.
As part of this self-assessment you may notice “gaps” in your skill set that may exist.
Using Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Competence Framework (from the Power Points)
and after reading the journal Tennyson on Management by John S. McCallum, applying
the “trinity of excellences”, you will write a four to five page leadership self-profile
using the headings listed below as your guide.
Link to Tennyson on Management John S. McCallum
Find a quiet time alone to complete the self-assessments from Week 5 and to reflect on
the Tennyson article.
Question 1: What are you building on?
Assess what skills you are building on to enhance your leadership capabilities, i.e. what experience can you
draw on that has shaped your potential leadership style and thinking?
Question 2: Where do you want to be in the future?
What would you choose to strengthen to master leadership, if anything was possible?
Question 3: What is stopping you?
What is holding you back? What barriers do you feel exist that are preventing you from mastering
Question 4: How might you get there?
Using Goleman’s Competencies and Tennyson’s “trinity of excellences” as a framework, what character
traits will you need to strengthen to become an effective leader.
Question 5: What will you abandon?
This is open ended and could include attitudes, behaviours, myths, negative experiences, etc.
There are no right or wrong answers for this assignment This approach should enable you to be open and
candid in your self-assessment. Knowing yourself will assist you as explore the practices of leadership in
the weeks ahead. Please refer to the rubric for grading detail in order to maximize your marks.
➢ The assignment must be typed and submitted in APA essay format, with a Title
Page and Bibliography (check Cites and Sources on the Georgian College Library
web site (
➢ Charts are acceptable within the paper.
➢ Please ensure your paper has an introductory paragraph and a concluding
statement in addition to the body of the paper.
➢ This paper must be double spaced, times new roman font, size 12 & a MS Word
➢ This assignment is to be submitted through the Blackboard dropbox.
Late assignments will NOT be accepted (unless prior arrangements have been made
with the instructor) and a grade of zero (0) will be assigned.