Discussion responds wk 4 | Education homework help

Read classmates post and respond with 150 words minimum:A soft skill that contributes to the success of a medical assistant is having a positive attitude toward work (Bayes, 2019). Those with a positive attitude allow themselves to work better in a medical office and be more successful. Aside from providing patients great contentment, a positive attitude ruined by a bad mood increases the possibility of making errors. While working in a medical office, I will make sure to bring a positive attitude by staying respectful and treating others, including other medical personnel with politeness and professionalism. I will also present a happy medical assistant, staying optimistic, cheerful, and bright. I believe having a positive attitude at work will help me professionally by encouraging others to have a positive attitude which will result in better service to the patients. Others will be encouraged to having an easier daily life. I will also have an easier daily life, learning as I go.