Educator Role Strategic Plan

Question DescriptionEducator Role Strategic PlanReflect on your strengths and weaknesses in regards to your readiness to assume the role of a nurse educator in the setting of your choice.Create a 3- to 5-year strategic plan to further prepare you for the role.Incorporate findings from the literature that support your plan.There is to be a minimum of three current (2008 or later) peer reviewed journal articles cited as sources.ContentIntroductionPersonal needs assessment (strengths and weaknesses)(Open to suggestions)3-5 year strategic plan(do not have one so create one based on a nurse educator)Personal goals and objectives-(create one)Specific plan on meeting goals and objectives-(create one)*ConclusionMust be :APA citations and referencesSpelling, sentence construction, paragraph constructionAPA Form and StyleReadings to help:Forbes, M., & White, J. H. (2012). Using boyer to create a culture of scholarship: Outcomes from a faculty development program. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 2(3), 54.Smith, K. M., Crookes, P. A., Else, F., & Crookes, E. (2012). Scholarship reconsidered: implications for reward and recognition of academic staff in schools of nursing and beyond. Journal Of Nursing Management, 20(2), 144-151. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2834.2011.01374.xBillings, D.M., & Halsted, J.A. (Eds.). (2011). Teaching in nursing: A guide for faculty (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA: W.B. Saunders.Chapter 1–The faculty role. pp. 1 -14

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