ENG1040 Methodist University Story of An Hour Rhetorical Analysis

ENG1040 Methodist University Story of An Hour Rhetorical Analysis by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized DescriptionEnglish 1040 – Composition & Rhetoric: (Due September 15, 2019) No Plagiarisms/Preferrably someone who is really awesome in English Rhetoric and Composition Please Follow the Directions: Also see upload for the rest of the directions/information on this paper.Rhetorical Analysis Paper: (APA Format,: Choose one of the below topic in upload)Directions:Select one of the pieces mentioned below. Then, conduct a rhetorical analysis of it using the strategies suggested above. This paper is pretty similar to the critical response that you did for paper 1. The only difference, really, is that this paper goes into more detail and looks more specifically at important rhetorical strategies that the author uses and assesses their efficacy.The paper should follow APA format and be 4.5 pages long (of text). Include a title page, abstract, and references page. The paper will be 7 pages long, total.Your Rhetorical SituationLet’s face it: you’re writing this paper for a class to fulfill an assignment, but that’s a pretty artificial task. Instead of thinking in those terms, think of it this way: you are presenting a paper at an academic conference. The conference attendees are interested in understanding how rhetoric and rhetorical moves affect the way audience’s receive arguments and/or messages. To that end, you have selected a piece that you think lends itself well to that kind of analysis. You’ve analyzed the piece in terms of its1. Author2. Rhetorical situation3. Argument and/or message4. Rhetorical devices it employs to make the argument/message (along with an assessment of how effective/ineffective the devices are) 5. How effective/ineffective the piece is generally in persuading the audience regarding the piece’s argument or message. Choices are in the upload also with the rest of the direction for this research paper/Rhetorical Analysis”Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”