English 1

Assignment DetailsThe key to solving any problem in personal, academic, and professional environments is to first identify the cause(s). Any time you try to answer the question “Why?,” you use causal analysis. This ability to analyze the relationship between cause and effect is a very important trait for success. In this Discussion Board assignment, you will practice this critical reasoning skill by preparing a cause-and-effect or problem–solution outline post and then peer review the posts of your classmates.Think of an issue or a problem that you have observed within your city, town, workplace, neighborhood, or civic group. Be sure to pick something that you are willing to share with your classmates. Prepare a post that provides a brief description of the situation, and then present a cause-and-effect or problem–solution outline of the issue or problem. Review the posts of at least 2 of your classmates.Specifically, your post should include the following:A brief description of the issue or problemThe focus of your outline (cause-and-effect, or problem–solution)A thesis statement3 body paragraph topic sentencesA concluding paragraphClick here for examples of cause-and-effect outlines.For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.Please submit your assignment.

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