Question DescriptionIn addition to the instructions attached below, I am required to write and Essay on LEADERSHIP IN NURSING.– Introduction of the Essay-Write 1 paragraph Summary and 1 paragragh Evaluation for each of the following:1. Journal Article (I have attached the link and pdf format of the article)2. Book (summarize and evaluate only chapter ONE of the book titled β€œThe New Leadership Challenge, creating the future of Nursing fifth Edition)3. Website (summarize and evaluate in relation to the topic) NB: I have attached the link to the website for your review.– Conclusion of the essay (One paragraph)– Reference pageNB: I have also attached the GRADING RUBRIC. The instructor wants to see proper APA citation within the paper. The whole essay should be 8 paragraphs (1 paragraph INTRODUCTION, 1 paragraph CONCLUSION, BODY contains 6 paragraphs( 2 for Journal article, 2 for Book and 2 for website). I need this paper done and sent back before FEBRUARY 20th at NOON. This is EXTREMELY URGENT

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