Essay on Food Borne Illnesses. What can be done to prevent them?

This is a 3 part assignment.  To include an annotated bibliography of 5 sources, outline and abstract, and the final is the actual research paper based on my thesis below. The subject is Background/Introduction:  Food borne Illness affects so many people on a daily basis.  There are far too many cases of the different viruses that cause these illnesses.  Why is this so important?  This topic is important because you have people who die get sick and die from eating contaminated foods.Description:  What can be done to eliminate so many food borne illnesses from causes so many individuals to get sick and die?   How can food processing plant and restaurants do in addition to what they are doing now to prevent this?  Through strict enforcement of proper cleaning procedures and training, the incidence of food borne illnesses can be reduced substantially.  This paper and all sources should be written in APA Style writing.  Plan, Methods, and Procedures:  In doing my research I plan on using a variety of methods to gain my information.  I plan on doing several surveys of the food service workers in the food faculties on post.  I also plan on doing a surprise spot check on two training facilities on base.  I will also use search engines such as, center for disease control, and google.  I will be using APA format for my research.Thesis:  Through strict enforcement of proper cleaning procedures and training, the incidence of food borne illnesses can be reduced substantially. –          The first part is submit an Annotated Bibliography of 5 sources from your working bibliography. First, put the source in the correct citation format for your particular curricular division, and then write a brief annotation of that source.  The annotation should describe the main ideas covered in the source as well as an evaluation by you for the source’s usefulness for your project.  Follow the student example included below. Remember, your final paper must include a minimum of 7 sources with at least 4 sources coming from peer-reviewed journals taken from the APUS library.   Please note that you are encouraged to include all 4 of your sources coming from peer-reviewed journals taken from the APUS library in this annotated bibliography. –           –           Sample Annotation.   Each of your entries should follow the format below.  (You will find a sample annotated bibliography showing this format attached here.)–           –          – JOURNAL ARTICLE PAGINATED BY VOLUME–           –          Format:–          Author last name, first name. “Article title.” Journal title volume number.issue number (Year): pages. Medium.–           –          Baumlin, Tita French. “Petruchio the Sophist and Language as Creation in The Taming of the–                          Shrew.” Studies in English Literature (Rice) 29.2 (1989): 237. Academic Search Premier.–                          EBSCO. Web. 7 Mar. 2010.–           –          Baumlin discusses the use of language by Petruchio in presenting a reality of marital harmony between Katherine and him.  By arguing that Katherine’s world is dysfunctional, and Petruchio offers a more fulfilling life, his thesis relates to mine in the respect Katherine is unhappy in her current state and does not know true happiness until she allows herself to exist in Petruchio’s world. –          The second part consist of a sentence outline of your research paper and abstract, following the example in this week’s reading. The student example is attached here.   Your outline must include your thesis statement, a description of the problem, alternative solutions, and the solution you are advocating.  Be sure that the elements of the outline are complete sentences.  Please note that, if you have one subheading in a category, you should have a second subheading.    Instructions: Using the information in this week’s required readings, compose an abstract which summarizes your topic problem, highlights key research sources, and offers a solution. The abstract should be one page in length. Note: The student sample is formatted according to APA requirements and includes key words.  If you are using APA format, you will need to include key words as well.  Please submit your abstract here as a Word file.  It will then be processed by Turnitin.   The third and final part is the actual research paper.  Instructions: Using a minimum of 7 credible sources, write a research paper about a topic related to your major or intended career, which follows the problem solution strategy. The paper must be original to this course–no recycling, please!  Format your paper according to the guidelines that are given for your particular curricular division, that is, the curricular division in which the subject for your paper is located. You must choose one of the following documentation style APA.Length: The research paper should be 9 to 10 pages in length. The page count does not include the Works Cited, Reference, or Bibliography page, or the title page or abstract if required by your documentation style. The page count refers only to the text of the paper itself. You will lose points on your final research project if you go over the 10 page limit by more than 250 words. Part of effective writing is being able to complete the assignment within the designated limits set.Sources:  Your final source page should contain at least 7 sources; you will lose points if you have fewer. Important step:  Please be sure that your research paper is submitted here as a Word file. It will then be processed in Turnitin. DISCLAIMER: Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.

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