Essay:Personality disorders and eating disorders.

Hi, I need help with essay on Personality disorders and eating disorders. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!would have been very difficult for me even to accept the behavior of Aidan initially, but with time I would have also accepted the absurd behavior or sexual innuendoes of Aidan. Like Richard only, I would have also passed through a volley of comments sometimes discreet and sometimes open from my colleagues or seniors. At one side the pang of homophobia and on the other hand the teasing and threats of mismanagement regarding handling the case form the colleagues would have been a mental pressure and anxiety for me. I would have felt disgusted, lonely, and even distracted from my other jobs as the client used to show resentment for Richard’s divided attention. At some point of time my disgust would have reached its optimum point as it can happen in the case of any happily married man. The sense of isolation or when everybody around fails to interpret one’s activities is really more depressing and frustrating for a working married man as in this case the mental disgust causes misbalance in behavior which causes disturbances in both the domain-professional and personal. But like Richard only I would have also discussed the case with my staff and crew cause open communication helps in clearing up all the misunderstandings and doubts. It is obvious that Richard shares a special kind of sympathy with the patient which is a mark of a true nursing staff but really it is impossible to say whether it would have been possible for me like Richard to hold back patience and face the disgust of everyone around yet serve the ailing client who can be a trauma to any one and every one. Though tough but in this case dealing with Aidan in my own way and receiving comments and giving explanations for the way of treatment would have been hard for me to balance, but with endurance and patience I would have overcome it.Putting oneself in place of Aidan who is an acute patient of Personality Disorder is weirder but like Aida, I would also have tried to cling to Richard and my

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