Part 1: Opening the SpreadsheetOpen the Excel workbook titled IT254_week1IP_GradeAverage and save the worksheet as “FirstInital_LastName_GradeAverage.xlsx.”Part 2: Entering Data and Formulas Into the SpreadsheetOn the Grade Average worksheet, select G7 and type “Average.” Use a formula to generate the average of the contents in Cells B8:F8 in cell G8. Use the fill handle to populate your results through G10. Highlight B7:G7, center, and bold.The syntax for the Excel Average function is the following: AVERAGE(argument1, [argument2],…).Arguments can be numbers, named ranges, cell references that contain numbers, or arrays.Select Cell A12, and enter “Class Average.” Use a formula to generate the average of IP Assignment 1 in cell B12. Use the fill across handle to populate your results of averaging the other assignments to F12.On the Class Average worksheet, apply the Accounting Number format with zero decimal points to the range B12:F12.On the Class Average worksheet, change the page setup options so that the data is centered horizontally on the page.On the Class Average worksheet, create a header that will display the text Your Name in the center section of the header area. To preview your Class Average worksheet, click Print Preview. Return to Normal view to continue working on the document.On the Class Average worksheet, create a footer that will display the Instructor’s name in the center section.Save the workbook. Close the workbook, and then exit Excel. Submit your Excel spreadsheet.

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