Explain how your spiritual health might impact your health and wellness.

Consider this scenario: Carrie has been dating John for three years. In the first year of their relationship, they were blissful and happy. Spending almost every day together, they often talked about marriage. Carrie was so happy that she started eating healthier and exercising on a regular basis. By the end of the first year, the novelty of the relationship wore off, and John paid less attention to Carrie. She became more anxious and often questioned their commitment to each other, and her exercise routine decreased. As the couple rounded the third year, John hit Carrie during an argument after she dropped a fork on the floor. John was apologetic and promised it would never happen again. Since she still loved him, she agreed to forgive him and try and make the relationship work. How might this relationship affect personal health and wellness for either partner?There are many types of relationships. Sibling-to-sibling, parent-to-child, colleague-to-colleague, to name a few. Within these various relationships, the dynamics can range from healthy to unhealthy and can affect personal health and wellness in various ways. People often have difficulty recognizing whether a relationship is healthy or unhealthy. This could lead to some unanticipated consequences. Think about what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships and how they can impact personal health and wellness.To prepare for this Discussion:Review Chapter 5 in Health: The Basics, 10th edition.. Pay particular attention to what constitutes a healthy and unhealthy relationship.Review Chapter 4 in Health: The Basics, 10th edition.. Focus on the intimate partner and interpersonal violence. Consider how you might prevent a violent or unhealthy relationship.Review the multimedia piece “Dimensions of Health Wheel.” Pay particular attention to the impact relationships have on the dimensions of health for this week.With these thoughts in mind:By Day 4, post an example of a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Then describe two factors that might contribute to a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Finally explain two ways a healthy or unhealthy relationship might impact personal health and wellness.____________________________________________________________________________PERSONAL HEALTH AND WELLNESS …. ASSIGNMENT DUE SUNDAYApplication: Personal Relationships and Spiritual HealthPersonal relationships can be rewarding and, at times, challenging. Think back to this week’s Discussion and what constitutes a healthy or unhealthy relationship. Consider your own relationships and think about how they impact your personal health and wellness.In addition to considering your relationships, think about your spiritual health. Spiritual health is characterized by subscribing to a way of life or “a belief in a supreme being or a specified way of living prescribed by a particular religion” and it also may include “the ability to feel a part of a greater spectrum of existence” (Donatelle, 2013, p. 8). What brings meaning to your life and how important is your spiritual health to your personal health and wellness?To prepare for this Application Assignment:Complete the following Personal Health Assessments in Health: The basics, 10th edition:·          ·         Chapter 5, “Building Healthy Relationships and Understanding Sexuality”·         Chapter 4, “Preventing Violence and Injury”·         Chapter 2, “Focus On: Cultivating Your Spiritual Health”As you complete the assessments, consider the following questions:·          ·         How Well Do You Communicate?·         Are You At Risk for Violence?·         What’s Your Spiritual IQ?Review Chapter 2 in Health: The Basics, 10th edition. Also, Review the article “Spiritual wellness, holistic health, and the practice of health education” located in the Learning resources. Focus on the impact of spiritual health on health and wellness.Application Assignment (2–3 pages):Summarize any insights you gained related to your relationships as a result of taking the Personal Health Assessment.Explain how your spiritual health might impact your health and wellness.Explain at least three ways you may attain positive spiritual health.Support your work with specific citations from this week’s Learning Resources and additional scholarly sources as appropriate. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. Submit your Application Assignment by Day 7.

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