Explain the impact of addiction to prescription medication on mental well being of individuals

HNN301 – Mental Health Promotion: Explain the Impact of Addiction to Prescription Medication on Mental Well Being – Nursing Assignment HelpPurpose of assessment task 2:Benzodiazepines such as Valium (Diazepam) are often prescribed to assist with symptoms of anxiety or to assist with sleep. These controlled substances are often misused or abused resulting in addiction (Weaver, 2015). Mental Health Promotion programs aim to support individuals and communities exposed to substance addiction. As a registered nurse you will use your knowledge of prescription medication addiction and the programs available to support those who have an addiction.Assignment question:Case Scenario:In this assignment we revisit Tom from assignment 1. You’ll remember that Tom found that when he returned home from a stressful shift as a casual nurse he had anger management issues and found it hard to relax. Tom now finds he is irritable and overwhelmed every day due to daily life stressors. Tom now finds that mindfulness is no longer working and the only thing that helps is taking Benzodiazepines each night. Tom has found he is needing more and more ‘Benzos’ each night to replicate the effect they once had. Tom has started taking ‘Benzos’ before each shift to assist with the stress at work. Tom has been going through his prescriptions much more quickly and has needed to attend several GP’s to make sure he always had scripts on hand to get filled.Assignment question:This assessment is in two parts and requires you to focus on addiction to prescription medication.Part 1: Using the literature on addiction to prescription medication, explain the impact of addiction to prescription medication on mental well being of individuals. Your response must include an explanation of one (1) risk factor which contribute to prescription medication addiction and one (1) protective factor that protects individuals or communities from becoming addicted to prescription medication such as Benzodiazepines.Part 2: Analyse one (1) Australian mental health promotion program and/or campaign that addresses addiction to prescription medication. Your analysis should include the strengths and weaknesses of the program and the role of the nurse in facilitating support for those addicted to prescription medication.

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