Find an area that has experienced extreme change due to climate change. (like a dying lake, forest fires, …)

Find an area that has experienced extreme change due to climate change. (like a dying lake, forest fires, …)
On top of the Google Earth app, click on Save Image and then change the Title to your name and student ID.
Take two screenshots with two different time frame that shows the change in the area.
Make sure the labels are active, and the area has a label. (see the Samples)
Write a 3-page report (in MS. Word) about the area and use the screenshots (If for any reason you couldn’t install and use Google Earth, use alternative images and mention the source in the caption):
Title Page
Sec #1: Write about the area and the changes that have happened, based on your research and using your sources (with in-text citations in APA). Word limit: 800-1000 words


The Glacier National Park has undergone notable alterations due to global climate change. The alpine glaciers in this park are melting due to warming temperatures and other climate changes. Those changes have impacted ecosystems and wildlife in the park. A blatant and convincing evidence of climate change is shrinking glaciers. Visitors to the area are already noticing the effects of the approximately two times faster warming of Glacier National area than the rest of the world. Some of the greatest changes can be seen in fire and ice (Fleming, 2016). This paper seeks to examine at impacts of climate change on the Glacier National Park.

(Union of Concerned Scientists, 2011)

Decreasing Glaciers and Reduced Glacier Size

The park’s famous glaciers bear their name, but they have been melting fast for the past century. The park had roughly 150 glaciers in 1850. By 1966, there were only about 35 glaciers. There are currently only 26 glaciers left (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2011). The number and size of glaciers in the park have drastically decreased from the 150 or more that existed in 1850. There were just about 35 glaciers left in 1966. According to current measurements, only 26 identified glaciers are in the park (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2011).