Florida State University Caught with Alcohol in Halloween Essay

Florida State University Caught with Alcohol in Halloween Essay by ella | Mar 17, 2023 | Uncategorized Description This essayrepresents a policy action and, as such, is issued in addition to any sanction(s) that may be assigned to youas a result of this conduct decision. 1. Describe the events of the incident as they occurred (include who, what, where, when, and how). Whydid you choose to consume alcohol and/or drugs in this particular incident? What motivated you? 2. Often, there are pivotal moments when a different decision could yield a different outcome. In yoursituation, at what points could you have made different decisions? Which decisions are realistic foryou to make in the future in order to not violate the Student Conduct Code? 3. The National College Health Assessment (ACHA-NCHA-II, Spring 2015) produced the followingstatistics regarding personal and community effects of drug and alcohol use by FSU students: 23.7% Have not consumed any alcohol in the last 30 days 36.2% Did something they later regretted as a consequence of drinking alcohol 32.9% Had memory loss as a consequence of drinking alcohol 19.6% Drove a car after drinking any alcohol at all 17.3% Injured themselves and/or someone else 7.7% Received a lower grade on an exam or in a course 23.6% Reported having unprotected sex 2.2% Reported trouble with the policeConsidering the information above, regardless of whether your violation was with alcohol or drugs, inwhat ways has your behavior, as a result of this incident, impacted your community (students, family,friends, and/or general public)? 4. What did you learn for future incidents in which alcohol and/or drugs are involved? 5. Each essay must conclude with the following statement: “I understand that should I be foundresponsible for a subsequent violation of the alcohol or other drug policy at The Florida StateUniversity, this statement may be sent to the address of my parent or legal guardian along withofficial verification from the University.”You must compose an essay based on your experiences regarding this incident, in compliance with FSU’s policy forParental Notification in cases of alcohol and other drug violations. This outcome should be typed in 12 point TimesNew Roman font, double-spaced with one (1″) inch margins and be no less than two pages in length. Pleasereference the attached page for the guidelines to complete this essay.Basically in this essay all you need to know is that i was at a caught drinking last halloween when i was 20 years old. You can make up most of it. You can describe how a cop detained me and left me with a warning and just a fine. “Place your order now for a similar assignment and have exceptional work written by our team of experts, guaranteeing you A results.”