For the purpose of the assessment – students will work in their current group and will betasked with launching a rebranded company with a conceptual idea for experientialmarketing opportunities

S23 MR2003-G7
Instructor: Colleen Brissett
Marketing Simulation Assignment (20%)
Submission and Class Presentation: Nov 16, 2023
This is a two-part assignment which will include:
1) Marketing Simulation 20%
2) Marketing Plan 20%
For the purpose of the assessment – students will work in their current group and will be
tasked with launching a rebranded company with a conceptual idea for experiential
marketing opportunities. The marketing plan for this venture will be done in a separate
In Canada, the best telecommunication network depends significantly on your location.
The three titans in the industry Bell, Rogers, and Telus, have the largest nationwide
networks, but the price differential when compared with smaller, regional competitors,
like Freedom Mobile is significant.
Based on recent survey, this is the telecommunication coverage rankings:  #1: Telus: 37.0%
 #2: Bell: 36.0%
 #3: Rogers: 28.0%
 #4: Freedom: >0.5%
Canada’s eight largest urban centres have better than 99.9% coverage on all three
national networks. According to the former management of Freedom Mobile, the
company originally launched as Wind Mobile and its affordable prices significantly
disrupted the Canadian telecom market. The company is quick to point out that this
wasn’t an act of philanthropy. To this day, Freedom Mobile keeps its costs so low
because its coverage footprint is considerably smaller than its competitors. It does not
have 5G service, but it’s service works. If you’re in a major city centre, particularly in
Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, you’ll have reliable 4G coverage with Freedom
Mobile. If you venture outside of its network, you’ll still have coverage through one of
its carriers, but you’re likely to experience slower speeds.
You and your team of marketing professionals have really made it big in academics but
you are new to the industry, but you have immense energy, passion and foresight. You
just acquired Freedom Mobile and you want to rebrand, relaunch, reimagine and make
significant in roads in the telecommunication industry. You will also implement a
marketing simulator designed to help businesses grow and overtake the competition as
you develop your marketing plan and implement your business dreams. (Remember
that the marketing plan will be a separate assignment)
Students are required to:  The students in the group are all members of the Freedom Mobile
marketing and management team.  You will launch a web presence that showcases the company, current and
new product/services
 Your website should feature at least the following pages, or sections:  Staff / Team – information about your management team and other
key employees.  Information about your company, mission, vision, and other
relevant information (you should include address, contact
information, etc.  Marketing strategy (you will have experiential marketing focus)  A video that illustrates how your experiential marketing
opportunities will work
 Social media activities (try to have at least two posts. You could also
have feedback from customers which is responded to by a company
 Use appropriate visuals and appealing graphics.  Be realistic, creative and imaginative.  Be Best!
This assessment will count towards twenty (20%) of your final mark in the class. Please
see the rubric for grading below:
Have fun and good luck!