For this assignment, you need to build a project charter for a project to renovate an old historical factory and turn it into rental suites. This will end up with loft apartments to live in, office space fo

For this assignment, you need to build a project charter for a project to renovate an old historical factory and turn it into rental suites. This will end up with loft apartments to live in, office space for small companies, and small retail (stores, services, and restaurants).The building itself has large windows to let light in, high ceilings, is made from brick and huge wooden beams, and is a historic building (so the exterior must be maintained.


Project Charter: Renovation of Historical Venetian Arsenal Factory into Rental Suites

Project Overview

This project aims to repair a dilapidated Venetian Arsenal historical factory and turn it into a multifunctional structure with loft apartments, office space for small businesses, and compact retail spaces, including shops, services, and restaurants. The proposal includes contemporary facilities and design aspects while preserving the building’s historic façade (Verhoglyadova, 2022). As with the original factory, the refurbished area will have huge windows for natural light, high ceilings, brick walls, and recognisable wooden beams.

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of this project are the addition of a Venetian Arsenal factory to transfigure it into a multi-purpose space that meets the community’s requirements. The first idea is to produce loft apartments that offer comfortable and stylish living spaces. The renovation of the Venetian Arsenal factory aims to repurpose the structure into residential units that give residents modern amenities and an appealing living environment (Pieczka & Wowrzeczka, 2021). These loft apartments will be designed with comfort and style in mind, making them desirable places to live.

Another project idea is to design and construct office spaces catering to small businesses’ requirements. The end is to produce an environment that fosters collaboration and productivity, allowing small businesses to thrive. These office spaces will be precisely planned and designed to give the necessary structure and amenities needed by businesses, ensuring a conducive and effective work environment (RAVID, 2020). Also, the project aims to develop retail units within the repaired factory. These retail units will offer a different range of stores, services, and restaurants, aiming to enhance the community and attract visitors. The goal is to produce a vibrant and bustling retail area that contributes to the profitable growth and liveliness of the neighbourhood.

Conserving the historical significance and architectural integrity of the structure’s exterior is another crucial project idea. While the interior will be streamlined to meet contemporary norms, great care will be taken to maintain the structure’s facade’s original charm and literal rudiments. This will help retain the structure’s character and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the repaired space (Gasparis, 2020). Eventually, the project aims to ensure compliance with original structure codes, safety regulations, and availability conditions. Adhering to these norms is essential to guarantee the safety and well-being of the Venetian Arsenal factory’s residents, workers, and visitors. The project will prioritise availability features to ensure the space is inclusive and accommodating for individuals with disabilities.

Project Scope

The project’s scope encompasses various activities essential for successfully renovating the factory into a multifunctional space. Engaging a qualified architect is the priority in designing the layout, interior spaces, and amenities for the loft apartments, offices, and retail units. The Architect’s expertise will prioritise preserving historical elements and integrating them into the design to maintain the building’s unique character (Li, 2020). Structural renovations will address any weaknesses or reinforcement needs identified after thoroughly assessing the building’s integrity, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Interior renovations will upgrade electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to modern standards for optimal functionality and energy efficiency. Modern fixtures and finishes will enhance the aesthetic appeal, creating functional and comfortable spaces that cater to users’ needs (Gasparis, 2020). Preserving the historic facade will involve maintenance, restoration, and cleaning, including repointing brickwork and repairing or replacing windows.

Enhancing outdoor spaces through thoughtful landscaping will create attractive communal areas for residents and visitors, contributing to the overall appeal and livability. Upgrading utility connections like electricity, water, and sewage systems is crucial to meet the increased demands of the renovation. Compliance with building codes, safety regulations, and accessibility guidelines is a top priority (Femenías et al., 2018). Obtaining necessary permits, licenses, and certifications will ensure adherence to standards. Fire safety, structural stability, accessibility, and other regulations will be carefully considered and implemented. By addressing these components, the renovation project will transform the space into a combination of historic preservation, functionality, safety, and accessibility.


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