For this assignment, you will be presenting an issue that you believe needs to be changed and the suggested solutions to help implement this change.

Workplace Communications

Presentations are a vital part of every workplace experience.   Learning how to communicate researched information through a presentation is an essential skill. 

For this assignment, you will be presenting an issue that you believe needs to be changed and the suggested solutions to help implement this change.

The goal is to persuade your audience that the change is necessary.  To do this successfully, you will need to use recent research to prove that there is in fact a problem (and need for a change), respond to the challenges/pain points that your audience may have and present a solution in a way that persuades the audience that it is the right thing to do.

All Presentations will occur in class.

The purpose of this assignment is to practice persuasive presentation skills.    

This assignment requires that you:   

  • present a challenge/problem (using Academic research to support that this is a problem)
  • Your solution (using Academic research to explain why this solution would be effective)
  •  Additional Academic research/examples to support your argument
  • A detailed analysis of the Academic research that you provided (why are the facts that you provided relevant to your argument)
  •  a minimum of 2 recommendations (supported by Academic Research) to the audience. (Two things that you would like the audience to do to help achieve your solution)

The following Learning Objectives will be explored:

2. Compose persuasive messages incorporating research to provide information.

4. Generate and practice teamwork strategies.

6. Develop skills for informative or persuasive virtual presentations.

7. Appreciate the contribution of others by developing effective interpersonal and intercultural   communication skills.

The following blog has a great list of topics that you could use for your presentation/report.

Please make sure to select a topic that can be supported with recent Academic Research.

Students will use at least two academic sources to support their research, including using these sources to demonstrate the problem and why the suggested solution is effective. 

Please note: Sources such as personal blogs, social media pages and Wikipedia are not academic sources.

Presentation must also use Power point.

Assignment Preparation

  1. This is to be completed individually
  2. You will post your presentations on blackboard, as well as presenting it in person.
  3. Use at least two academic sources for the findings/analysis portion of this presentation
  4. Open the presentation with the Challenge/Problem
  5. Provide the solution to this problem using research to support why this is an effective solution
  6. Follow up with a minimum of 5 reasons (each one supported by research) to persuade your audience to make the requested changes.
  7. Provide an analysis (why is it important to take action now)
  8. Provide your recommendations (a minimum of 2). What do you want your audience to do?
  9. Reference all information from course materials and any other information you include.
  10. See the Evaluation Sheet for details on how your assignment will be graded.
  11. APA formatting should be used in the presentation (both in text and reference page)


The Problem/ChallengeThe problem was clearly introduced with Academic research that helped to define the problem/challenge.  The students provided a clear solution to this problem, and used research to support why this solution could be effective.    The problem and solution were partially introduced, with at least  findings to support the information.    The problem and solution were minimally  introduced, with minimal findings to support the information.  The problem was unclear, and/or the findings did not support the challenge that was identified.
AnalysisThe individual analyzed the Academic research provided  and persuaded the audience to take actionThe student persuaded the audience to take action but failed to analysis the researchMinimal persuasive techniques were usedNo explanation on why the audience should take action
RecommendationsAt least two recommendations were provided, Recommendations responded to the challenge that was presented and were supported by research  One recommendation was provided, recommendation responded to the challenge that was presentedRecommendation was provided, but the link to the challenge was not clearly identifiedRecommendation was not provided
Presentation Skills   Student was able to clearly communicate the information, including encouraging audience participation/questions. Clear speaking voice, Comfortable talking about topic All factors but one were includedThe student struggled with more than one of these skillsThe student struggled with several of these skills
Format      No spelling or grammar issues in power point.  Excellent sentence structure and flow of the presentation.  No errors with APA format.One spelling or grammar issue.  Excellent sentence structure and flow of the presentation.  No errors with APA format.Several spelling and/ or grammar issues.  Errors with APA format.  Sentence structure and /or grammar needs improvement.Presentation was unclear, does not follow the format, is incomplete, and/or has many spelling and/or grammar issues.