Global warming and the extent of its effects

  Global warming has changed people’s perspectives on the future a great deal (Ahmed, 2020). As a person who spends most of their life outdoors, the idea of not enjoying nature anymore affects me. For instance, I like waking up early in the morning and listening to the birds sing as I make my morning runs, and enjoying the cold morning air with birds singing along makes me appreciate nature the more. However, the idea that we might be living in a polluted environment means that I will have to struggle more for better health (Rossati, 2017). The presence of high levels of methane and CO2 gases in the atmosphere means that the air will be unsafe to breathe in. at the same time, it will be difficult to access cleans water as most water sources risk being polluted by acidic rains. I will have to adjust my living standards as there is no clear indication that global warming is a threat going away any time soon. In that case, the environment will be difficult to live in and I will have to struggle more both to adapt to the required changes to safeguard both my future and that of my family.To curb the dangers that are facing me and the rest of the world from global warming, people need to be sensitized to the need to safeguard our environment through the adoption of green energy (Ahmed, 2020). That is, the presence of high levels of CO2 gas in the atmosphere is mostly from the burning of fossil fuel religion assignment help. In that case, if people were to reduce their reliance on the use of fossil fuels, people will have a better chance of minimizing the levels of global warming which in turn reduces the levels of methane gas in the atmosphere as most naturally occurring ancient forests will be saved.ReferencesAhmed, M. (2020). Introduction to Modern Climate Change. Andrew E. Dessler: Cambridge University Press, 2011, 252 pp, ISBN-10: 0521173159. The Science of the Total Environment, 734, 139397.Rossati, A. (2017). Global warming and its health impact. The international journal of occupational and environmental medicine, 8(1), 7.  Slowing Down Global WarmingNameInstitutional AffiliationCourseDateSlowing Down Global WarmingThe late 20th Century and Early 21st Century have seen the time planet has changed significantly through global warming (Rubenstein, 2019). The rise of toxic gases such as methane and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has threatened the existence of humanity with the rate of their emission not slowing down (Rubenstein, 2019). As a person who spends their entire schedule on planet earth, I am afraid for my future. In essence, I am a person who loves the idea that the world should be getting greener and better every day with people and institutions monitoring the rate at which the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere has been put in check. I have now been forced to reevaluate what I want in my future considering that it might not be survivable. Spending time outdoors with fresh breezes and energizing sights inspired by a clean atmosphere should be everyone’s idea. As such, I believe that I will be forced to start preparing for my future which has signs of being fatal assignment help.It is known that the burning of fossil fuels has been a major contributor to global warming (Morris, 2019). I will start working on sensitizing people on the need to adopt better ways of making the atmosphere clearer such as the adoption of green energy such as the use of electric cars and the erection of solar energy production plants. In that case, I intend to plant more trees whenever and wherever I can as the current loss of the world’s forest cover exacerbates the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Even the educational system will be my thing of focus and I will work towards becoming an environment advocate charted with enlightening fellow students on the need to protect or environment for the sake of not only our futures but also those of generations to come.ReferencesRubenstein, E. S. (2019, May). GLOBAL WARMING: HAS COMPLACENCY (FINALLY) YIELDED TO PANIC?. In NPG Forum.Morris, D. W. (2019). A human tragedy? The pace of negative global change exceeds human progress. The Anthropocene Review, 6(1-2), 55-70.  Surveillance Cameras NameInstitutional AffiliationCourseDate of Submission  Is the increase in surveillance cameras in public places a positive or negative thing?Generally, most people will support the use of public surveillance cameras with the belief that it helps to ensure their safety. I believe that the increase in surveillance cameras in the public is a negative thing and thus should be stopped. One of the major reasons that make it a negative thing is that undermines individuals’ privacy which is unethical. According to Appenzeller, Appelbaum, &Trachsel, (2020), the use of surveillance has several ethical considerations with the conflict lying between balancing the individuals’ privacy and autonomy versus the intended security and safety. Generally, the use of surveillance cameras weakens the right to privacy since people have all of their moves being watched at all times. Every person is entitled to the right of autonomy in which one should enjoy a private while making his or her life decisions freely. With the increase of surveillance cameras in public areas, the right to autonomy and privacy is greatly being undermined.Additionally, the use of surveillance cameras deprives individuals of their right to anonymity. People’s rights to anonymity cannot be maintained with the increase in the use of surveillance cameras in the public. For instance, an individual who wants to drop a letter in the suggestion box of a given public facility is not likely to enjoy the right to remain unknown since with CCTV cameras increasing, someone can link him to the suggestion he made which is against the intentions of making it anonymous. Additionally, there are some shameful acts that people might engage in unintentionally which they would not want to share but then the CCTV cameras capture them and are likely to leak to the public (Music Assignment Help). Therefore, CCTV cameras in public are not ethical as they undermine individuals’ rights to privacy, autonomy, and anonymity. Installing surveillance cameras in the public has several ethical considerations and thus should not be increased. ReferencesAppenzeller, Y. E., Appelbaum, P. S., &Trachsel, M. (2020). Ethical and practical issues in video surveillance of psychiatric units. Psychiatric Services, 71(5), 480-486. Wails, R., Sun, Y., Johnson, A., Chiang, M., & Mittal, P. (2018). Tempest: Temporal dynamics in anonymity systems. Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies, 2018(3), 22-42.