Health Care Economical Sustainability-7 slides

Topic:Health Care Economical SustainabilityNumber of slides:7     Type of paper:PresentationPaper details:Imagine you own a health and wellness company. Your company employs numerous fitness trainers and exercise professionals. As part of your company’s community outreach program, you have agreed to visit a meeting of the local nurses association. Your audience is personal trainers, nutritionists, and nurses. They require that all presentations include mathematical reasoning and concepts as part of the rationale.Refer to the University of Phoenix Material: Sustainability Problems. Various problems from each field are provided to you for examples.Select 3 to 5 concepts from Weeks One through Four that could be applied in the field you selected.Create a presentation that shows how these concepts apply to the field. Include the following in your presentation:“?? An overview of the field including a definition of sustainability“?? An introduction to the mathematical concepts from the previous four weeks“?? An explanation of how math, learned in this course, is used in the field Cite at least two sources in your presentationPaper format:APA Sources:2              

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