Health care needs and experiences of various groups.

In Module 6, we read about the specific health care needs and experiences of various groups. For this module, I would like you to reflect on the how the US health care system does (or does not) meet the needs for one population.(1) Choose one population and one care setting from the lists below. Mix and match as needed so that you aren’t using the exact same combinations as your classmates. (5 points)(2) Identify one or more unique needs or barriers to care that this population may face in this care setting. (15 points)(3) Bearing in mind the principles of COST, ACCESS and QUALITY, propose a way the health care system could address the need(s) or barrier(s) you identified. For example, mobility impairments, vision problems and even medication side effects can make driving difficult for older adults. If I identified transportation as a barrier to care for older adults, I could propose sending primary care physicians to make daily visits to the patients’ homes to ensure they take their medications as prescribed. That would NOT be a cost effective strategy. It would be better to arrange van service to bring patients to their appointments, or provide medication reminders by phone, or ensure that our practice was located on a bus route or some other idea. I’m not looking for you to a complicated cost-benefit analysis, but I do want to see that your ideas are grounded in reality. (15 points)(4) Discuss proposals with your classmates. Would their proposal be beneficial to other populations as well? Are there additional barriers they may not have considered? Is there a way to make their proposal better? Have you seen this proposal implemented anywhere? (15 points)POPULATIONS (choose one or propose another one)African Americans Arab Americans Hispanic/Latinx Americans LGBT Individuals Older Adults People with Mental Illness People Living with HIV/AIDS People with Disabilities Homeless Persons Uninsured Individuals Low Income Individuals Undocumented Immigrants CARE SETTINGS (choose one or propose another one)Primary Care Practice Long Term Care or Skilled Nursing Facility Hospice Local Health Department Community Mental Health Center Dialysis Clinic Internal Medicine Unit at a Hospital Women’s Health Center Retail Clinic (e.g. Minute Clinic) 

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