Healthy People initiative: Healthy People 2020.

QUESTIONHP-SLP Assignment 2Note:I need complete 2-3 pages paper on the following assignment. HALF PAGE LENGTH IS NOT ACCEPTED. Must address the all steps properly.  Must include 3 credible references  from provide required readings and cited in APA.  Must provide 100% original work.DO NOT PROVIDE THE PREVIOUSLY USED WORK.DO NOT WRITE QUESTIONS IN ANSWER!HP-SLP Assignment The SLP assignment for this course will entail becoming familiar with Healthy People initiative. To the end, you will be asked to view a series of videos presenting the key components of Healthy People 2020, illustrating how these are being implemented, noting data sources available to monitor progress toward achievement of Healthy People goals objectives, and recommending strategies for incorporating Healthy People into the work we do as health educators.View the second of these videos. After watching the video, address the following questions in complete 2-3 pages paper:1.       What are the “interagency workgroups” to which the speaker refers, and what is their role?2.       Where can one go to find a complete overview of each Healthy People 2020 objective?3.       What type on information on leading health indicators is provided by the National Center for Health Statistics?4.       How is progress toward Healthy People 2020 targets measured?In your paper•                    Must include brief paper introduction at beginning and conclusion at the end.•                    Be sure to justify your response with evidence from the literature.•                    Must include 3 credible references cited in APA from the provided required reading sources.Required Reading SourcesU.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (2010). Healthy People 2020: Leading Health Indicators. Retrieved May 1, 2012, from Department of Health and Human Services (2016). Healthy People 2020: Leading Health Indicators. Retrieved from Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (2014). Public Health Learning Modules-Module 1: Using Healthy People 2020 to Improve Population Health. Part Three: Healthy People and the National Center for Health Statistics. Retrieved from 

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