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 Part 1 (200 words)For your initial post, submit a discussion of at least 250 words discussing your experience with this class. Be sure that your essay answers the following three questions: What aspect of your performance in this class are you proudest of?What aspect of your writing skill is most in need of improvement?How can you improve this aspect of your writing?                                                                                                                 Part 2 ( 600 words)This task emphasizes organization, development, and context in conveying a message to an intended audience. In addition, this task emphasizes integration of sources.  In at least five paragraphs (minimum of 600 words), you will utilize the feedback from your instructor and your classmates on your Problem/Solution essay to revise your previous draft into a final draft. To complete this task, follow these steps: Review the feedback provided by your instructor and classmates and make necessary changes to revise the content, organization, style, and format of your essay.Address at least one counter-argument that a reasonable person might present to counter your opinion. Either explain why that counter-argument is wrong, or explain why it is weaker than it first appears. Using research to support this is optional, but it might be a good ideaIncorporate at least one source into your paper. You should use APA format to Includes at least one reference that is cited properly internally and on a reference page.Proofread to ensure there are no spelling and grammar errorsUse basic APA format: Use 1” margins, double-space uniformly, indent paragraphs, and use font 12-point Times New Roman font.

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