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help pleaseNovember 7, 2019/in Uncategorized /by adminType numbers in the boxes. Dean Halverson recently read that full-time college students study 20 hours each week. She decides to do a study at her university to see if there is evidence that students study an average of more than 20 hours each week. A random sample of 31 students were asked to keep a diary of their activities over a period of several weeks. It was found that the average number of hours that the 31 students studied each week was 22.4 hours. The sample standard deviation of 3.7 hours 10 points Find the p-value. The p-value should be rounded to 4-decimal places.  Get Your Custom Essay Written From Scratch We have worked on a similar problem. If you need help click order now button and submit your assignment instructions. Just from $13/Page Order Now