How closely do your answers follow the instructions? Howaccurate and appropriate is your information? Are the questionsfully/adequately answered? Do you avoid excessive summary and

his assignment will be submitted to Turnitin™.
Please note that this is a take-home, open-book midterm exam.
Choose 6 out of the following 8 questions. Answer each question in about 150-200
words. Your exam will be graded according to the following criteria:

  1. Content: How closely do your answers follow the instructions? How
    accurate and appropriate is your information? Are the questions
    fully/adequately answered? Do you avoid excessive summary and
    repetition? Do you use details to support your ideas or do you use many
    details that don’t amount to a clear point? Does your work offer
    general/broad reflections? ETC.
  2. Organization: Are there enough paragraphs? Is each paragraph organized
    internally in a proper manner? Are there too many unrelated ideas in your
    answers? ETC.
  3. Clarity/Quality of Writing: How hard does your reader have to work to
    figure out what you want to say? Are your ideas transparent? Is your
    English natural, free from grammatical errors? Do you avoid run-on
    sentences? ETC.
  4. Is this a truly unique and personalized response?
  5. Is this response interesting to read?
  6. Watch this documentary about life in a Thai forest
    monastery: What do you think
    the monastic lifestyle in this film is meant to accomplish?
  7. Watch this documentary about Buddhist monks in Sri
    Lanka: Compare this
    documentary to the previous one (which you watched for question 1). Explain the
    differences between the two portrayals of Buddhism (e.g., in terms of community,
    practices, culture, etc.).
  8. Watch this documentary about a man who gave up his successful career to spend
    his days rollerblading: Compare
    this man’s life to that of the Buddha. What are the similarities and differences?
  9. Use the new AI-enabled software Chat GPT to answer a question about
    Buddhism: (Please note you may have to sign up to use
    it). What question did you ask? Cut and paste the answer you received (not included
    in your word count). Why did you ask this question? Evaluate the quality of the
    answer that the AI tool provided. Is the answer comprehensive? Accurate? Adequate?
    Explain what is missing from the answer.
  10. Use the internet to research an individual who converted to Buddhism (or who
    simply adopted a Buddhist practice or worldview). You may consult written or video
    sources. Briefly summarize that person’s story and explain their motivations for
    becoming a Buddhist or adopting a Buddhist practice. How has their life changed?
    What benefits do they cite for their conversion/adoption of Buddhist
    identity/practices? Provide a link(s) to the information you find.
  11. Use the internet to identify a crisis or scandal in a Buddhist community (in
    modern/contemporary times). Briefly explain the situation, including its causes and
    effects. Provide a link(s) to the information you find.
  12. Use the internet to locate an innovative Buddhist program, exhibition, technology,
    or product. Explain what it is you found and why you chose to showcase this
  13. According to the Buddhist tradition, the Buddha does not simply teach incidental
    information. He teaches only that which will lead to liberation. What lessons, hence,
    do you think are embedded within the Aggañña Sutta? Link, here: The Origin of the
    World (Selections).
    Due on Oct 30, 2023 11:59 PM
    Available on Oct 9, 2023 3:36 PM. Access restricted before availability starts.
    Available until Dec 5, 2023 11:59 PM. Access restricted after availability ends.