How many people? What is the culture? How do they do with international business?

Your job is to:
Assess the Dominican Republic as a country.

  1. How many people?
  2. What is the culture?
  3. How do they do with international business?
  4. Is this a good spot for international business to happen and succeed? If yes, why
    do you say this? If not, explain.
    Once you have an idea of the country itself, assess the global fast food giant
  5. When did they come to the Dominican?
  6. Were they the first fast food restaurant?
  7. Why did they come?
  8. What was their international strategy (if they had one)?
    Your job is to use the internet as well as take a look at statistical data provided to you in
    some of the resources. Answer the questions above in a written document and submit
    upon completion