How would you encourage the client and significant others to participate in therapeutic nursing interventions?

UNIT NAME HLTEN510B UNIT TITLE Implement and monitor nursing care for consumers with mental health conditions ASSESSMENT C1: Insight into Mental Health Conditions Oral Presentations Marking Guide • Candidates are required to adhere to the Assessment Guidelines in their submission. • Include a bibliography of references used to inform your presentation • Learners must cover set criteria with the oral presentation. • Time limit of strictly 7 minutes • Oral presentation to be undertaken in • You must submit a written version of your presentation to Moodle (if a PowerPoint, the final slide/s must be your bibliography) • Oral presentation needs to be enjoyable, interactive and above all informative. Questions/Tasks Candidates are to undertake a 7-minute oral presentation on one of the chosen topics. This presentation is to be undertaken in. No two groups should be presenting on the same topic. Please confirm your chosen topic with your Educator. You must cover the following areas: ? Introduction of topic and what is going to be covered in oral presentation ? Signs and symptoms of this disorder ? Treatment or management ? How would you encourage the client and significant others to participate in therapeutic nursing interventions? ? Nursing interventions (detailed) Make oral presentation interactive, memorable and above all informative! Suggested Resources a) Beyond Blue 2014,Beyond Blue, Hawthorn, Victoria, b) Koutoukidis G , Stainton K and Hughson J 2013 Tabbner’s Nursing Care Theory and Practice 6th Ed., Elsevier, Australia c) Mindhealthconnect, Australian Government, Sydney New South Wales, d) Tollefson J, Bishop T, Jelly E, Watson G and Tambreee K 2012 Essential Clinical Skills Enrolled Division 2 Nurses 2nd Ed, Cengage, China TOPICS TO CHOOSE FROM FOR ORAL PRESENTATION Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder Anxiety Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder Autism Munchausen Syndrome by proxy Prada Willy Panic Disorder Ganser syndrome Trichotillomania Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Tourette syndrome Cyclothymic Schizophrenia Asperger’s Syndrome Bi-polar Agoraphobia Depression and Breast Cancer Separation Anxiety disorder Inhalant dependence Anorexia Depression Bulimia Body Dysmorphic Disorder Dysthymic disorder Anti-social Personality Disorder Delirium Dementia Schizoid Personality disorder Alzheimer’s disease Delusion disorder Alcohol dependence Cannabis dependence Shared psychotic disorder Dependent personality disorder Acute Stress Disorder Oppositional defiant disorder Anti-Social Personality disorder Paranoid personality disorder Hallucinogen dependence Histrionic personality disorder

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