Information Literacy

Question DescriptionHi.Here are the questions for this weeks assignment. I also attached the last weeks assignment, which is related to this assignment.Complete the tasks and reflect on the questions listed below for this journal entry. Submit your work by clicking on the link above and creating a new entry to your journal. Copy the prompt here and paste it into your journal so that you can respond to the prompt fully.1. Explore GLDYS, the search box on the main library page and perform the boolean searches you planned in the last module in GLDYS to find resources on your topic. Answer the questions below fully and thoughtfully, and record at least five searches and two sources on your topic.Investigate the following features of GLDYS:Libraries Worldwide/Mary Baldwin University LimiterFormat LimitersAdvanced SearchItem availability and access infoSubjects (open item and expand description)Other libraries that hold itemRequest Item through Interlibrary Loan Button (open item without immediate access and expand availability)All of your searches should use Boolean operators. Try a few field searches. Make note of any fields or limiters.What you Searched (Boolean Keyword searches or Field Searches) # of Results Relevance 2. Identify the worst query you tried, and why you think it didn’t work as expected. How can you make it better?3. Which sources did you find that you like for your research? Include the link to the item here. What do you like about them? How do you think they will be helpful for your research? How can you access these sources?

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