Information Systems Paper: select a topic related to information systems in healthcare from the list provided in the guidelines research and analyze the topic.

QUESTIONInformation Systems PaperInformation Systems Paper (graded)See attachment for complete understandingThe assignment requires that you:select a topic related to information systems in healthcare from the list provided in the guidelines,research and analyze the topic, anddescribe how you will apply your newly acquired knowledge to your nursing practice.The Topic  for my paper is: Electronic Health Records Things to Avoid in Your PaperIn order to help you be successful, here is a list of the things I find often that will cost you points:DO NOT USE I, we, you, let’s, our, us…… The paper is written in 3rd person.  This means we have to use things like….. “In the opinion of this writer, ….”  or  “This author is very interested ……..”DO NOT USE questions within the paper, either.USE THE APA TEMPLATE as the starting point for your paper.  This already has the title page template, the running headers and page numbers, and more already set up for you.  If you don’t use the template, you’ll need to very detailed and astute when you format.After the title page, the first available line on page #2 starts with a header, centered, not bold.USE SECTION HEADINGS within the body of the paper.  This is a requirement for proper APA formatting.DO NOT make this paper an article review. Follow the structure discussed in the assignment.Do NOT make the paper shorter or longer than stated in the assignment as this would cost points, as well.

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