Intellectual plan | English homework help

Some students like to work together and others like to work themselves. In this assignment you have a choice. You may choose to work with one other person in the class to develop an Intellectual Wellness Plan. Intellectually well people are curious and interested in expanding their minds. Therefore, think about what we have discussed this semester so far and come up with a plan. Use the following as a guideline and thought provoking questions.1 – Are you open to new ideas? If so, what are they?2 – Do you seek personal growth by learning new skills?3 – Do you search for lifelong learning opportunities and stimulating mental activties?4 – Do you look for ways to be creative?This is a time you need to think out of the box. For example, if you never visitied another country before, think about planning a trip. Decide on a budget, a dream country you would like to visit, what would you like to see (attractions), time frame, etc.Would you like to learn a new language?  How would you go about doing this?Would you like to start a new business? How would you go about doing this?What would you like to do at home, in South Florida, or where you live, that you never did before? Research that place and make plans.  Due before 10 p.m. 11/23/14 Atleast one page long, answering the four question and plus a atleast a 100 word intellectual plan