International Law and Organizations

  MGT 564. International Law and Organizations Assignment 1 This assignment covers chapter 1-5 of the textbook. The answer to each question should be at least two pages long, single spaced. Total length of this assignment is about 8-12 pages. Please make sure that you cover key points in addressing each question. (Each 10 points, total 40 points) Why have MNCs become so important in international relations and law? (Chapter 2)  Despite considerable emphasis by some international law scholars on court cases and precedents, can an argument be made that treaty law is the most important source of international law? Why? (Chapter 3)  In the absence of a world government, in what way can the legislative function be carried out at the international level? (Chapter 4)  What are the jurisdictions coastal states possess that extend seaward from the baseline of a state? (Chapter 5)  The post International Law and Organizations appeared first on Best Custom Essay Writing Services |