International Marketing Project

The following large corporation approached your consulting company with a request to conduct a promotion plan for them. The corporation discussed is Swedish clothing giant H&M. H&M is planning to venture into the Australian market and open business (stores) in large cities like Brisbane and Sydney. The assignment consists of creating a marketing plan (promotion mix) for H&M in their recent venturing in Australia. An advertising plan needs to be created for each of the channels used.  The media channels to be used are DIGITAL MARKETING, SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING AND SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING. (Please disregard radio, magazines, newspapers, TV, etc.; just use the channels in discussion.) Talk about the following: –          –Cultural values of Australians and their society towards social media, digital marketing and search engine marketing.–          –Adapt the strategy to those cultural values.  –          –Another promotion strategy that could be used is using the image of Australian artists and/or bands that go with the look and style of H&M.–          –Where to promote and how often –– BE CREATIVE–          –Promotion strategies should be adapted to the local market. THE MORE CREATIVE YOU ARE IN DEVELOPING AND ILLUSTRATING YOUR PROMOTION ADAPTATIONS, THE BETTER YOUR GRADE WILL BE Use Tables and Figures liberally – Anything that could be presented in a table, should be presented in a table. All data must be presented in tables. Use graphs and charts to provide statistical evidence of your arguments. Each table or figure must have at least one sentence in your text that introduces it. In-text references to tables should be in sequential order. 5 TO 10 PAGES IN TOTAL•             Margins should be one inch (2.5cm) at the top, bottom, and sides of the page.•             Font type should be 12-point Times New Roman throughout the document.•             Double-space all body text.•             Indent first line of a new paragraph•             Manuscript text should be left-aligned.  Attached you will find a sample project for guidance so you have an idea on how to structure your paper.  Also attached you’ll find a list of many sources that can be used as references for you project, include any other sources that you use for your work. 

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