Intraprofessional studies

Student reportRead the Met call Transcript bellow, prepare a written report (~1000words) including:• Identification of four (4) examples of effective or ineffective teamworkand/or communication in the scenario. This can be presented in a tableor as dot points. • Discussion, using the literature, about how each identified example ofeffective/ineffective teamwork and/or communication can impact on the: ◦ Patient (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references)◦ Staff (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references)Organisation (approx. 300 words, informed by 2-3 references).Read the transcripts bellow and uses these resources as yourreferences to answer the report. Starting references are provided below to assist you with beginning yourstudent report/CAP. Please note, however, that you are expected to findand include additional references in your report.Other RequirementsDo not write an introduction or conclusion.Provide a reference list at the end of your report for all in-textreferences.Aitkin, L., & Eagar, S. (2013). Collegial relationship breakdown: Aqualitative exploration of nurses in acute care settings. Collegian, 20(2),115-121. doi: 10.1016/j.colegn.2012.04.008Al Sayah, F., Szafran, O., Robertson, S., Bell, N., & Williams, B., (2014).Nursing perspectives on factors influencing interdisciplinary teamwork inthe Canadian primary health care setting. Journal of Clinical Nursing,3(19-20), 2968-2979. doi: 10.1111/jocn.12547Gausvik, C., Lautar, A., Miller, L., Pallerla, H., & Schlaudecker, J.(2015). Structured nursing communication on interdisciplinary acutecare teams improves perceptions of safety, efficiency, understanding ofcare plan and teamwork as well as job satisfaction. Journal ofMultidisciplinary Healthcare, 8, 33-37. doi: 10.2147/JMDH.S72623Foronda, C., MacWilliams, B., & McArthur, E. (2016). Interprofessionalcommunication in healthcare: an integrative review. Nurse Education inPractice, 19, 36-40. doi: 10.1016/j.nepr.2016.04.005Manias, E., Geddes, F., Watson, B., Jones, D., & Della, P. (2015).Perspectives of clinical handover processes: a multi-site survey acrossdifferent health professionals. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 25, 80-91. doi:10.1111/jocn.12986 Mitchell, R., Parker, V., Giles, M., & Boyle, B. (2013). The ABC of healthcare team dynamics: understanding complex affective, behavioral, andcognitive dynamics in interprofessional teams. Health CareManagement Review, 39(1), 1-9. doi: 10.1097/HCM.0b013e3182766504Polis, S., Higgs, M., Manning, V., Netto., & Fernandez, R. (2015)Factors contributing to nursing team work in an acute care tertiaryhospital, Collegian. doi: case of the MET call – transcriptKatie: How are you feeling Dolly?Dolly: I don’t feel well.Katie: No, ok. I’m a bit worried. I’ve just done your blood pressure. It’s90 systolic at the moment. It’s come down quite a bit from what it was,actually. Dolly: Yeah.Katie: Yeah. Are you feeling light headed or anything?Dolly: I feel dizzy.Katie: Ahh. Ok. Um. Heart rate has also come up to 115. It feels a littlebit on the thready, weak side. You’ve got a temperature as well. 38.6this morning, which is a quite high. Dolly: Yes.Katie: Yep, but your breathing and your oxygen levels and everythingseem to be alright. Dolly: Yes.Katie: You look really dry?Dolly: Yes, I’m thirsty.Katie: Alright. I’m a bit worried, I think I need to actually go and get somehelp to be able to sort this out. Dolly: Ok.Katie: Ok, so I’m just going to find some help. Urm, and I’ll be back. Ok?[Calls to colleague] Monica?Monica: Yes? Hi Katie. Katie: Yes, um… I’m just… Monica: How’re you going Dolly? Dolly: I’m not good. Monica: Not good – what’s the problem?Katie: She’s not great. I’m quite concerned about her now. Her bloodpressure has come down to 90 systolic… Monica: Yes.Katie: You can see it’s sort of trended down… Monica: Yep.Katie: And her heart rate’s come up to 115..Monica: YepKatie: Her respiratory rate and oxygen sats are 99 and that’s all ok.Monica: Yep, ok. Katie: Her temperature’s 38.6 as well..Monica: Right. Katie: So… And she feels kind of a bit light headed, did you say Dolly?Dolly: Yes, I did, yeah.Katie: A bit dizzy. Monica: I think we’re in the criteria for a MET call, Katie…Katie: Yeah…Monica: So I’m just going to call…Katie: That’s what I thought. I just didn’t feel confident enough to call itmyself… Talking over each otherMonica: Oh, ok, I understand, being a student nurse. I’m going to go andget that… organise that right now. We’ll be right back with some helpDolly. Ok, Katie?Katie: Shall I stay here?Monica: If you can stay there and just keep an eye…talking over each otherKatie: I’ll wait for you to come back. Monica: I’ll be back with the team…Katie: Alright, ok… [to Dolly] So Monica will be back in a moment. She’sgone to call the MET team – that’s another doctor and a nurse who aregoing to come and help us.Dolly: Ok. Katie: Ok, alright, good. Have you got any pain anywhere, Dolly?Dolly: Just a little bit… Katie: Just a little bit. Monica: I’ve called the team, so they’re going to be coming now, so I’mgoing to…Talking over each otherKatie: Ok. Monica: …get the trolleyKatie: Can I… is there anything I can do to help, Monica?Monica: Can you just do another blood pressure?Katie: Yes, sure, sure. Monica: That would be great.Katie: Yeah, ok…Monica: …and we’ll get the trolley ready, and they should be comingnow. The doctors are going to come now, Dolly. Katie: ok. Monica: …and we’ve got everything ready to go. Katie: We’ll check your blood pressure again Dolly…Doctor Kelli and MET nurse Chanika arrive.Kelli: Good morning, hello, [to Dolly] hello there, what’s your name?Dolly: Dolly.Kelli: Hello Dolly, I’m Kelli, I’m the registrar with the MET team. Chanika: Hi, I’m Chanika, I’m the nurse. Monica: Ok, so…Kelli: Sorry, can I just… what was your name?Monica: Oh, sorry! Monica! I’m Katie’s preceptor. Katie: HiKelli: Lovely! Nice to meet you both. [To Dolly] Just going to have a chatfor a minute Dolly.Dolly: Ok. Monica: Ok, so we’ve… Dolly’s post-op three days. She had her righthip done. Her obs have been stable this morning. The doctors did therounds. However, now her blood pressure has come right down as youcan see…Kelli: Yes.Monica: It’s down within… quite low. Kelli: Hmmm.Monica: Her heart rate’s actually a little bit elevated. And her resp ratehas gone up… Talking over each otherKelli: And this is a recent temperature?Monica: And she’s spiking a temp as well…Talking over each otherKelli: Right, yeah. Monica: So we’re not sure where you want to go from here.Kelli: How are you feeling dolly?Dolly: I’m not good.Kelli: You’re not good?Dolly: Not good at all.Kelli: Ok. Can we… Katie, can you get me some fluids, some normalsaline.Monica: Yep. Katie: More saline? Yep. Monica: I’ll get that for you Katie. Katie: Ok. Chanika: [to Kelli] Pain medication?Kelli: Oh yeah, when did we last have pain… Have you got pain? Dolly: Yes, yes I do. Kelli: You do?Dolly: In my hip. Kelli: Katie, can you tell me if she had pain relief this morning?Katie: She has had pain relief this morning, but she’s just got endonewritten up, and she’s had her endone, paracetamol. I feel like she needssomething, sort of, slow release. It seems to wear off quite quickly. Kelli: Ok. Monica: Chanika, can you check this with me please?Katie: I’m a bit worried ‘cos she hasn’t passed any urine since, I don’tthink, yesterday afternoon… She looks a bit dry in the mouth as well.At the same time: Monica and Chanika check Dolly’s ID and themedications. Chanika asks for Dolly’s chart from Kelli, who apologisesand hands it to her. Katie: She looks a bit dry in the mouth as well. Kelli: Yes, we’ll get those fluids… and we’ll get some… do you feel likeyou need some pain relief Dolly?Chanika and Monica continue checking the medicationDolly: Yes, yes, I think so. Kelli: Ok, right. So Katie, I think maybe we’ll give some slow release…let me write that up. So if you can organise that. Has she got any allergisthat you know of?Monica: [to Dolly]: Ok Dolly, so I’m just going to put this IV in here foryou. Katie: No allergies. No allergies Dolly?Dolly: NoAt the same timeMonica: No, she’s got no allergies. Kelli: Katie, can you organise that for me please?Katie: Ok, yep. Will that be ok with her blood pressure? Kelli: Yes, well we’ll give her some fluids. Katie: Ok, so I can give her this…?Kelli: We’ll check it again before with give it. That would be good. Katie: Ok, right. Cool, so I’ll let you know… Chanika: Katie, do you want to come and check this with me?Katie: I need to get some pain relief for Dolly, so…Chanika: I’ve got it here. Katie: Oh, ok. [[Everyone speaking over each other]]Kelli: Monica, when you’ve got some [inaudible – everyone speaking atonce] antibiotics. She hasn’t been on any… and I think that’s maybe…Have we had a look at her wound this morning?Monica: No, we haven’t actually. We haven’t got her out of bed for ashower yet, so… Kelli: Right. Monica: Do you want us to have a look at her wound? Kelli: Yeah, we need to look at the wound to see what’s happening now. Monica: Ok, no problem. So I’m just going to get this IV going. Kelli: [to Dolly] This is no good, Dolly, is it? Dolly: No.Kelli: I think you should be heading on the way home now, not gettingworse. Monica: We need a new IV, it’s actually [bunged] so we need a new IV. Kelli: Ok, right. I’ll put that in. Would you grab me the trolley for thatplease? That would be good. Talking over each other.Monica: Yep, sure. Yep. Kelli: Great, so Dolly, we’re just getting you some more antibioticsagain…Dolly: OkKelli: And we’re getting you a bit of fluid. I think you’re a bit dry, aren’tyou?Dolly: Yes, I’d love a cup of tea. Kelli: You’d love a cup of tea! You’re a cup-of- tea girl are you? How doyou have your tea?Dolly: With one sugar. Kelli: Ok. I think maybe when we get this sorted we might be able to getyou a cup of tea. Dolly: Ok. Kelli: Alright. Monica: [returning with trolley] What side would you like it in doctor?Kelli: We’ll go this side. Monica: Ok, cool. Kelli: And that way…Monica: [to Chanika] Can I just get the IV out of this trolley here?Chanika and Katie continue checking the medicationsKelli: So, Dolly, I need to pop another drip in. Dolly: Alright. Kelli: I know they’re a bit uncomfortable, but we need to give you thisfluid. It’ll make you feel a lot better. Dolly: Ok. Kelli: Where do you live, Dolly?Dolly: I live in a retirement home. Kelli: Oh, lovely. Monica: [returns with the new IV] OkKelli: Very good. Katie: So, just letting you know, we’ve got the pain relief ready. We justneed to wait ‘til…Kelli: Excellent. I’m going to pop that in now. So we’ve got fluids ready togo, we’ve got pain relief, and we’ve got someone getting antibiotics. Katie: And someone getting antibiotics, ok. Kelli: Lovely. Excellent. I think Monica was going to do that? Are yougoing to do the antibiotics next, Monica?Monica: Yes, yes. So I’ve got that here for you. Katie: Do you want me to do anything else? Want me to check thepressure again?Kelli: Yes, we’ll need to take the obs again. Katie: Yeah. Kelli: Katie, you could do that for me? Katie: Yep.Monica: Where’s the other nurse? Chanika? Can you check this with meplease? Kelli: Oh, Monica, remember that IV’s not working on that side. So justgive me a moment and I’ll pop this one in. [Talking over each other]Monica: Oh, yes, that’s right. [to Chanika] Can you just check this withme?Chanika: Yes, that’s already been checked…Everyone talking at once. Monica: Ok, we’ll get the IV in and then we’ll do that. Dolly: Very busy.Kelli: Very busy! Always busy these days!

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