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Hi do you have time to do my online class I talked about before I have done %25 of the class and I did really bad I need help with the rest of it please How much you will charge me to improve my overall %56 and get a highest score that you can  PLEASE TELL ME YOU FINAL PRICE  more info and the syllabis is here  Math140–IntroductoryStatisticsSummer 2014   Course Description: This course covers data analysis, sampling and sampling distributions, measures of central tendency, measures of variation, probability, hypothesis testing, correlation, prediction, linear regression, and statistical inference for means and proportions. About the course: This is a completely online statistics class. It is a mostly self-paced class broken into 3 sections. Within each section, you may cover the material as quickly or as slowly as necessary to understand the material and be successful in the course. However, you must take the exams on the day and time listed in this syllabus. This means that you must complete each section within a reasonable amount of time. As with any summer course, it will move very quickly and you will need to be motivated and disciplined to be successful. You are expected to read the textbook and watch the videos on MyStatLab. There will be no on-campus office hours. Class Discussion Board The discussion board on MyStatLab will be used for you to post questions and get responses from your classmates and me. The goal is to create an online learning community. Due to nature of statistics and the fact that this course is online, I will not be able to answer complex questions through the discussion board. You need to be prepared for this and plan accordingly by possibly getting tutoring.Do not post questions such as, “I can’t do this exercise” or “I have no idea how to do this problem.” I will not respond to questions like this. Ask specific questions or request help with specific parts of questions. You must make an effort to try to understand a problem or concept before asking for help.If you do not get a response to your post within 24 hours, please rewrite your question and post it again. EmailDuring the first week of class you must register for MyStatLab using your CSUN email account. If you don’t use your CSUN email address, you will not be allowed to continue in the course until you do so.  I will only respond to emails sent from CSUN email accounts. Do not send me emails from google, yahoo or other accounts – I don’t know who you are when you send emails from those accounts.You must write “Math 140 Online” in the subject line when emailing me, otherwise I will not respond to your email. I teach multiple courses, and I need to know in which course you are enrolled in order to help you. Do not email me with questions about homework. These questions will only be answered on the discussion board. Rules of the Road Policy on Late Assignments. Homework is due on the date specified in MyStatLab. Late homework will not be accepted. Please note that the date and time are always Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you are living outside of this time zone, you need to plan accordingly.Policy on Missing Exams. No make-up exams will be given. If you miss an exam and you provide me with documentation that supports your absence, the points from the missed exam will be rolled into the next exam. Otherwise, your grade will be 0. Being unprepared, having to work, going on vacation, going to a wedding, sleeping through your alarm, or forgetting that we had an exam are not valid excuses.Cheating will not be tolerated. All assignments are to be completed by you alone. You are not to work with anyone on any assignment for this course. You are not to ask anyone else for help with any assignment for this course. Doing so constitutes cheating. Anyone caught cheating will receive an F for the course and will be reported to CSUN administration. HomeworkHomework will be completed online using MyStatLab and can be found by clicking the “Homework” button on the top left corner. You have two attempts on each homework question. This means that you should have read the appropriate chapter of the textbook, reviewed the online lectures and worked on some practice problems BEFORE you start the homework. Exams There will be three in-term exams and a comprehensive final exam. Exam questions will be in the same format as homework. There will be a 15 minute time frame to start an exam and you will have 1.5 hours total to complete it. All exams will be opened at 12pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) and you must start an exam between 12pm (noon) and 12:15pm. You are NOT ALLOWED to exit the exam and resume taking the exam at a later time. Keep in mind that the time limit begins as soon as you open the exam. You must plan ahead for any technical difficulties such at the Internet being down. There will be no makeup exams. Submitting Written Work from the Exam I require you to send me your written work from the exam. I will grade the work and make sure it matches your answers provided in the online exam. The best way to do this is to take a picture of your work and email it to me. Please use your CSUN email account. Follow the instructions below: 1. Your written work must be legible, so write neatly. 2. You must label each problem with the correct question number and in the order the questions are shown on the exam. 3. You will have 1 hour after you complete the exam to email me the written work.   **If you do not follow all of these instructions, you will receive a ZERO on the exam.** Grading Final class grades will be determined by the following.Three exams worth 20% each.Homework worth 10%. Comprehensive final exam worth 30%.There will be no extra credit, so don’t ask.GRADING SCALEA 94% or higherA- 90% – 93%B+ 87% – 89%B 84% – 86%B- 80% – 83%C+ 77% – 79%C 74% – 76%C- 70% – 73%D+ 67% – 69%D 64% – 66%D- 60% – 63%F 59% or lower*Please note: I do not round up. Thus, if you have 89.9%, you will receive a B+. I also do not “curve” exams or final class grades, and I do not give extra credit. 

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