Knowledge of foundations in history and its impact in modern medicine

Question DescriptionPlease do a paragraph about this post with this instruction .post most have  4 or more  sentences . you also have to have a high quality post from a content perspective. This means it also needs to do more than agree with or praise a class mate. If you agree with a classmate, explain why, give an example, share what you learned in the readings, ask questions of each other, etc.Knowledge of the foundations throughout history provides us with a clear understanding of what they had to endure back in the day to make it where we are today in modern medicine. It helps to paint a picture of the struggles of working without supplies and making due with what little they had and what little they really knew. It makes me thankful for all we have today and of how fortunate we are to have such advancements in our profession. It’s incredible that being a nurse prior to the 1800’s was “regarded only as the work of those in the lowest class of society” (Nursing Timeline of Historical Events, n.d.). It was interesting to read that and it was new news to me, especially since today nursing is one of the most sought out professions.Florence Nightingale’s reforming of sanitation helped wounded soldiers during the Crimean war.  She realized that there were extremely unsanitary conditions in the hospital while the soldiers were healing.  She then made it a point to find ways to make the hospital cleaner and help prevent the spread of disease, which therefor decreased the death rate (Florence Nightingale Biography, n.d.). This trend is thankfully being used in hospitals worldwide to prevent and decrease infection rates. We do so much today to avert infection.  Something as little as the blue alcohol infused caps that go on unused IV ports go such a long way.  It’s shocking to compare this to a time when they didn’t even have clean towels for the patients. Another trend that stood out to me was that nurses are still predominately females. According to the media note read “Nursing Timeline of Historical events,” men throughout time, even back in 300 B. C, were nursing the ill. Mainly in the military, lay and religious areas. Now we have male nurses all over the hospital and in all departments, which I think is great. Nursing is such a versatile job with positions in so many areas. If you ever get tired of one, you can simply change to another one.One of my favorite trends is the nurses cap and pin. I never really new how it all started, but after reading the media note “Nursing Timeline of Historical events,” it was interesting to see that they wore it for hygienic reasons to keep their hair away from their face.  Although I am very pleased not to wear one every day to work, I loved the tradition and look of it on graduation day. I don’t know how they kept it on their heads all day since I could barely keep mine on thru the pinning ceremony. 

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